Currencies and making it easy for new players?

  1. Scrap dust
  2. Coin
  3. Gold
  4. recruit token
  5. Diamond
  6. Event token

Seriously…scrap dust. You added scrap dust for us to spend on upgrades when they used to be just coin. So now the extra cards we get can’t be converted to anything but the upgrade that we used to get for just coin. No better way to say FU.

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@S7campusLifer @S7Dragon @S7Dave @S7NotABot @S7Swede boy, you guys sure are quiet… hopefully you’re having a meeting that includes (but is not limited to) firing the brilliant minds responsible for this crap, giving each other nose flicks, and discussing the revert back to the real game. I mean, that’s the only reason you guys wouldn’t be handling your pissed off customers, right? Right.

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