Credit to the Devs

I know we the players are often very vocal about the issues and challenges with the game, but I got to say thank you guys for making an enjoyable game. Out of the millions of games on the app store this is one of the few I play on a regular basis.

I know the challenge to develop new content and keep us needy players happy is one that’s almost impossible to deal with, but keep working at it. I’m excited to see some alliance vs alliance features to take the competitive landscape to the next level. I’m also excited to see the season 2 units and how they shake things up as well.




Yeah, we all gripe and moan and berate in here (myself included) but thank you for initiating a positive post. Seconded!


Even in my complaining I generally tell the devs how much I love the game. If I didn’t I wouldn’t complain I would just leave. I’ve left 2 games in the last year, one I played for 3 years and gave as much or more feedback than I do hear. When it became a pure Pay to Play game and the devs stopped listening at all I left, no looking back. Then I went to Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, and while it was fun for a while it never gave to the interest that this game does. I just left it when it wasn’t enough fun to continue wasting time on. I don’t want to see this game go down either of those paths.


Agreed, its because I care about the game that I give fedback

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Those release notes that just dropped got me like “squeeeeeeeeee” :hugs:

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I’ll add one more credit to the devs, they are responding on the weekend. Not to everything and not perhaps to the threads we want to see responded to most of all but they are responding. The last game I played would always start new stuff right before the weekend, frequently have bugs, and you couldn’t even get a response till late Monday if you were lucky.


Yes, I should express my appreciation too. Thank you dev.

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