Many free to play games use paid cosmetics as a way to keep cash flowing in. Fortnite does it, League of Legends does it, Apex Legends - all free to play games that only require payment for cosmetic items, not paid advantages. These also happen to be three of the most popular games of all time. Isn’t this something you could implement? It’s proven that the system works, and the player base stays because they know that the developers respect them as players; I.E. not charging $100 for two Enlists. Can you talk to your economy manager about making fundamental changes to the income process? Everyone loves cosmetics and I would certainly pay $10 for a commander skin or pack or unit skins, plus that would show that you have a level of respect for your player base rather than remaining like most mobile games with a pay to win system.


Look at Warframe, Dauntless, DoTA, Paladins, Overwatch, CS:GO, TF2;
Some of those charge an initial amount to play, but that can be basically equates to the Elite system (which is fine.)
None of those are pay to win - they’re all massive. They can charge for cosmetics and people will pay because they love the game and want to support developers.

Hi! We’re also excited by this. We’d love to add some soon.

But it’s not just adding cosmetics - it’s restructuring the entire income system. This feels like another non-answer after a brief skimming of my post. To hold a player base and actually have players want to join your game, you can’t have progression locked behind an absurd paywall this way… there need to be fundamental changes to the game’s economy.

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Drastically changing the entire business model of the product is out of scope unless we shut the game down and relaunch it in a year or two.

Not suggesting an abrupt switch straight to a newer business model, but a more gradual shift. Why not add some skins that can be purchased with real money and see how they perform? Most of us players that are higher levels don’t spend real money on chests anymore, but I’m sure a lot of us would be willing to purchase cosmetic items. The current system caters mostly to newer players that want to become higher levels, but cosmetic purchases would be bought by basically everyone. I know most of us would love to see black Kuro available for $10 or so in the store.

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