Core units instead of coin boosters

The title says it all. Your higher ranked players need coins, not cards. Not too happy with getting stuck with 300 coins between two chests. Not cool, guys.

Yeah…wtf happened to the coin booster?

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@S7campusLifer @S7NotABot…anyone? I’m getting fed up with no responses

Hello there.

Sadly, I think I’ve created a misconception that players can expect the forum to be a formal support channel.

I believe by responding to this forum so quickly, I’ve created a misconception that players can expect quick employee responses or any response at all. This is not the case – this forum was intended for announcements and players to talk among themselves. I and the other developers on this team never intended to sign up for responding to this forum and definitely don’t have the ability to deliver on that while still working on developing the app.

In the future, to diffuse this problem I have created, I will be limiting my own responses to: Posting announcements, giving one line responses to things pointing players to more information and responding to bug reports to gather more information.

I need to dedicate my time to working on working on the app itself and need to scale back my time responding to this forum. Please do not expect any long responses from me like I was doing in the past.

Tbh this is just going to create a greater divide. While I get the logic, having an outsourced “support” team deliver ignorant/canned responses isn’t going to really fix anything. This only applies to the method of communication.

Yes, expecting constant feedback would be nice but having the alternative be nothing isn’t great either.

Anyhow, regardless of how it’s done from a support standpoint, clearly these are issues that need to be addressed and simply weren’t, or the supposed fix had almost zero tangible impact.

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This is the same exact comment you have posted before. So I will comment exactly what I said in response.

THIS is how we prefer to communicate. You know that, so adjust accordingly. We are NOT going to sit here and create individual support tickets for all of these complaints. It’s not going to happen. When we post on here, we have the support of the community.

So yeah, you guys need to focus your attention to the forum instead of emails and zen desk. We will continue to post here, and we will continue to demand responses

Honestly, your response was again incredibly disrespectful. And! You still didn’t respond to the topic of this thread. I have absolutely had it with the lack of respect you show your players.

We have created multiple threads with complaints. It’s time the team sits down in a meeting to go over and respond to us.

Hopefully when you say you’re busy focusing on the game that means you’re changing what we want.

I am just astonished at your response here. The tone of it honestly just pissed me off even more. You’re basically telling us that, once again, although we’ve made it clear what our preferred form of communication is, you especially don’t care what we have to say.

I’m in the process of getting full refunds now. It’s official after this snarky comment. Sad. This was the only game I played, but there’s no way I’m going to let you guys basically steal my money. I have never, ever seen a company ( besides Pocket Gems, but who are we fooling: that’s you guys) show an utter lack of respect for ANY level of player. Whether they have invested a lot, or haven’t paid a dime. It’s obvious what your intentions are with this game.

Apple has been made aware by a few of us of your shady business practices. You guys are ruining an amazing game, and all you had to do was listen to your players!

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