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Because my last post got shut down because of a couple comments that the devs didn’t like, I’m going to continue that conversation here.

I had made a post about how irritated we are as players and paying customers, and it was open to veteran players and well as new ones to post their issues with the game and/or customer service. It received NO responses from the team, and instead was closed because of a couple comments that talked about lobbying for refunds (DO NOT TALK ABOUT THAT ON THIS THREAD PLEASE). I’m pretty irritated that a post that had a lot of engagement from players didn’t get any attention until someone posted something the devs didn’t like.

This post is meant as a continued conversation, so please comment exactly how you feel about this game and the devs.

To the S7 team: Now is the time to look at that previous thread and post your replies below. The time for having patience is over, we need these issues handled immediately.

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I don’t think they care if people threaten to leave and to some degree care if people do leave. Probably seen as just a body and they’ll fill it with someone else I imagine.

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They should have noticed by now that some of the biggest spenders in the game have left, Dark Angel for example. While I have not stopped spending completely, other than a push at the end of last season to let me max out my Warp, I am spending a great deal less personally and also playing less overall. Playing less makes for longer wait times which makes for more discontented players. All for a nerf to the economy and a nerf to package prices, and a refusal to recognize that they need to update some form of package (like the Phoenix Forge package) to include Season 1 cards because most of the big spenders have little to no use for current cards, being buried in them and with the nerfed economy unable to upgrade them anyhow.

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others coin shortage effects:

  • buying chests/offers doesn’t make sense anymore cause cards are useless without coins;
  • events are less attractive for the same reason.

I guess players will realize that is worthless spend real money cause coins is a bottleneck to use things they buy.

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Here is the original post that got shut down Top alliances are close to walking

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