Connection Issues!

Haven’t been able to connect to a game in a long time! Internet works perfectly for every other game. Any word on this?


Hi @Bootylover.

I’m sorry to hear that. That sounds bad.

I’ll need some more information to say what we should do… Is it stopping you from opening the app at all or dropping when you go into battle? What’s the error message? Are you on wifi or cellular? Have you tried a few different wifis?

Tried two different WiFi’s, tried data, nothing works. I can do everything except get into an actual match. Loading stops around 24% or 29% and then it says failed to connect.

Hi @Bootylover. When things are hanging between 24-29%, that usually is the part of the connection sequence which says “make sure both players have downloaded all the required art files and wait until they both have finished downloading the art.” An example of this would be if you are playing against someone who has a Raildog and you’ve never once played a match against a Raildog, or if the match uses a new map which isn’t on your device. This could also happen if you’re low on disk space and iOS keeps repeatedly deleting the game’s art files to make space.

If one the players is unable to download, or it takes too long, or is it out of disk space, this stage sometimes can get “stuck.”

We will try to look into this. Are you getting any errors saying what’s going wrong? Is it mentioning low disk space?

No errors, no mention of low disk space, just no connection

No updates, no proof that the devs care about the players, nothing

No hope, no desire to play any more, no motivation

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