Concerns / What’s your opinion?



As it appears that this topic is the most posted in, I just have a few concerns and wanted to know if other people feel the same.

First, about bad matchups. I’ve been stuck at level 7 cause I can’t progress and I’ll tell you exactly why. I get some games where I play against a level 2, and they’re wayy easy to fight to the point I feel bad. I know it’s not fun for the other player. On the other hand, I also get matches in 1v1’s and 2v2’s alike where the player(s) on the enemy team are more than twice my rank. Why am I fighting a person who has troops that will win in every engagement? It’s not even fair!

Secondly, also about bad matchups, why are leagues a thing if they don’t choose who you fight against? Just recently I fought a guy who’s in Silver 6. Why am I fighting him? What chance do I even have? I can’t even put a dent into him because his units overpower all of mine no matter what. It’s gotten to the point where I try a little bit, but to not waste time I just concede because they have a 100% chance of winninf against me and I don’t want to waste the time.

Third, the p2w aspect of this game seems is can be off the charts. Instant upgrades? Double the loot every time? Plus a store that directly gives either units or lootboxes for those that pay? I do believe that they should be able to get money off the game as it’s their game, but it completely ruins in some regards what makes the game about skill, and moreso becomes, “I’m winning because I paid money.”

That’s just my thoughts



Player’s level is proportional to the units/troops level. Unit’s level doesn’t contribute to it’s rank. Higher rank means you’re good and defeating most of your opponents.


Regardless, shouldn’t matchmaking be more based off unit level, player level or rank? People in my clan are pretty tired of facing folks they have 0 chance against, me included


i agree with droz the rank system should be important but its likely there isnt enough people i still that it could bencontained at least tho.