Community Faith and Trust

Due to various decisions made by your company, many of your players that you once “valued”, are growing very weary of telling everyone who comes to them for leadership in this game to actually maintain trust that you guys are going to guide this game into the right direction. I have been silenced twice now and both times was told it was for hate speech but I’ve never used hate speech towards anyone and have only ever called out predatory practices. There have been paragraphs written to you guys from like five different players that really capture the feeling of the majority of the player base and that’s that we are not being appreciated as players or customers. There needs to be a calculated, honest and direct response or I anticipate a massive hemorage of your player base and it’s very distressing because as I’ve said many times, this game at its core is amazing. I could see this game being upgraded for years and to be used in VR when that’s more prevalent and so much for you companies future but whoever is driving your ship is steering you straight into an ice burg and needs to correct course.

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@Trey7 You have never been silenced for hate speech. Both temporary suspensions to your forum account were for disruptive behavior and personal attacks. I’ll be closing this thread now because it is misrepresenting the facts of the situation, nor constructive. Please consider this your final warning.