Communicating with other players

I like to put a formal request in to the platform builders and ask for a way to search AND chat with other players directly. I find it very difficult and frustrating to have to blindly add new people that I know nothing about just to have them flop and then get kicked within the week. It’s a bad look on myself to the group and puts people on edge. I like being able to have a small conversation with a player before making a move on to bring them in or not and the only way I can do that is if they or I send a message to global and from there and chat thread is created but that’s if the player even sees the message. Adversely to that, it’s hard to communicate with someone personally about issues and feedback in an alliance if there’s barely a way to create a personal thread.

To stem on communication as well I’d think there should be a group thread you can put your officers and leader in that way communicating and directing your alliance better is easier and better for the game in total.

Does anyone feel the same? I do understand that this creates opportunity for people to spread toxicity but a quick report and ban becomes a lot more effective both in a personal thread and in global where that’s a constant problem.


Hi @Clif10

Totally agree these would be great features. It’s on our roadmap — I hope we can get them to you soon!

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Awesome!! Thank you so much! Also I posted in the bottom corner issue but can’t post the pic. See that thread

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