Commander upgrade price ******* insane

Since when did we need that high of a fucking junker to upgrade Roxie? Probably the same goes to upgrading other commanders post fucking update.


That’s only a tiny part of the problem, you now need to update the whole faction deck to be able to get them up 3/4 levels … it means that it will take weeks / months to update any commander with the current setup at the higher levels.

I’ve needed to get dozens of non-core cards, millions in gold etc. To update a commander from 40 to 41 … means that the cost is now through the roof in so many ways. And on top of that we have the dust tax …


Nice fix you guys have done here, nice fix. :+1: that’s the spirit

Ok now let’s be real here, the dust we got is way too tight for real. Work on that and look into it please.

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