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Hey, thanks for starting this. First off, i really like playing this game daily. I like my guild. And I like climbing the ranks etc. however, I’m like Stan in that South Park episode, I’m an ingame cash addict. I have spent (and embarrassingly admit) around $1,500.00 usd on this game. I am very upset with the changes to the “deals.” I no longer can get coins at the rate I was getting before. With the amount of money I’ve spent, I should get a free round trip to your studio, upgrade all of my remaining units to max, and a t-shirt, hat, jacket, and lobster dinner with your CEO so he/she can thank me for buying their new Mercedes and putting their children through college (which is also a scam in this country as well.) I have THOUSANDS of extra common rare and epic cards sitting around doing nothing. If I don’t see an option to sell the extra for coins or your scam turning “alliance tokens” to “gold,” I will no longer help pay for your retirement. I am very disappointed and aghast at your shady tactics to get my money. Some may say I’m a sucker, I would probably agree. And some may say that I really do want to continue to enjoy the game at a less shady and more transparent way to spend my cash. I will go back to hearthstone if you don’t follow their way of expelling excess cards, because I can’t just earn enough coins through a daily donation of 8 cards and renewing my multiplayer chest rewards at a fair rate to cash spent any longer, unless you bring back the 100% increase in coins rewarded and a way to dump these useless cards. Just let me get rid of them by donating all my cards to every player in the game, because I already spent enough to do that.

  • unhappy addicted customer who will take his wallet elsewhere

Don’t be embarrassed to admit it. Many of us have spent a great deal over that. It’s frustrating, right? I think it’s cool that you can use alliance coins to buy cards now, but I already have over 5,000 of many cards so I don’t really need to buy more. I wish I could donate more than a few since I can’t sell them back. I completely stopped buying anything (as did many others) like a month ago out of frustration about this.

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Hmmm. $1500! I’m just as happy or well probably happier than you based on your post there and I’ve not spent a cent. Tip #437: don’t waste money on a silly game when you end up in the same place as everyone else.

You must not be an addict then :wink:

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, a lot of us have spent money (some of us didn’t) but I want to get my bucks worth if I am paying for something. Even if you are not spending a dime, we need more options with what to do with our extra cards and “gold”(alliance tokens.) what we all want is just a way to use what we bought, and donating them is just silly because you barely make 20 coins per person donated to and you can’t do it at a fast enough rate to call it a good mechanic. Just let me have fun with the money I invested is all I’m saying, and if you don’t want to spend money on a silly game then that’s also your choice and I respect that and that’s cool!

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GodofSiN while I personally choose not to financially support games with this monetization strategy tip #438 if no one wasted money on silly little games there would be no silly little games for you to play :upside_down_face:


I agree. Not a big spender but I have bought some of the deals they throw me. Player morale at the top of this game is very low. New top 100 players are quitting everyday and most of these are the games biggest investors. Clearly, something went wrong in season 1 that made them feel the need to cut value pretty much across the board. What if we could request/donate more based on our levels or rank? What if we could trade epics/legends? I know you guys have said your being careful about coins right now but don’t you want to keep people who have been investing and playing daily nearly since launch? You said one of your goals is to keep people playing for years but it feels like the people who have been here since the launch and before season 1 are being phased out.

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