Coins from arena wins are still paying like old economy (they haven’t been multiplied by 400)

The coins are still on the old system. They haven’t been multiplied by 400. And all the economy is 400 times more expensive. It doesn’t make sense.

The coins have definitely been multiplied out - we did add legion and rogue faction to the first arena, so you might be being directed to that arena to earn those stars, which would have a very low payout, but the higher arenas should have much higher payouts. (note that the 400x multiplier is not constant, lower arenas both costs and earn was not increased by as much). Can you send a screenshot of what you are looking at?

Thank you for the answer. Yep. I think it was cause the new arena 4. I gonna try the max arena tomorrow and check the firsts win bonuses.

Btw can we get back the possibility of buying coins with diamonds? It is not o.ln the store anymore. Ty.

You can still buy coins directly when you are out and try to spend them (exchange rate improves the further you get in the campaign), but we will look to add back the ability to bulk purchase coins soon!

Ty for the answer. Ok. So I understand I need to spend all my coins before being able to buy them with diamonds. Anyway it would be nice to have the option of buying coins anytime. Nice u are thinking about it. All the best.

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