Coins and matchmaking issues

Can’t upgrade anything, no enough coins! What happened exactly, i used to upgrade one unit once every day … now it has been 3 days and I can’t upgrade anything!
Matchmaker is an utter failure! Sorry but don’t even know how to describe the mess!

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I’ve been lurking in these forums a while and have quietly played wild beyond for a few months now without posting a thing.

After this new season started and with the decrease in coins! This game has become ridiculous. It seems like it is programmed to not let you win after 2-3 consecutive wins and pairs you up with very high leveled players. Even in the events. Wasting my event tickets and such. Not to say there are so many new bugs in the system.

Updating any units is a hassle too. Your generosity of giving coins when winning coins is pathetic. Obviously with not enough coins you can not upgrade units.

Quests are a joke also. Requiring Boss blitz’s to be played with alliance members is tough. I’m stuck on the quest because my alliance is full of newcomers who is facing the same exact problems with lack of coins and quit the game before giving any chance. So I barely get any help from alliance members.

Please revert the coins from chest back to original state, which was a few months back.

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Guys it would be awesome if you could add your comments to my post

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This is a serious problem. They should change back to old chest value. Receiving 2800 coins from 1 epic chest compared to around 15k is ridiculous too.

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And now there’s a bug where I’m not getting any coins. I said this on another post and it was skipped over by a dev, while they’re in there fixing the coin bug, they need to bring our coins back

Coins are a main issue. They have to do something about. 100 coins from a chest? A lvl 16 upgrade is 60.000! no coin booster anymore and the change with the 1st win bonus ruined the whole thing. The chests after the 1st win are virtually useless for high level players.


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