Coins adjustment

According to the update info the coins change is supposed to be neutral, however I’m seeing a more than 50% drop in the coins I am getting from the chests. I had been getting around 1000 coins from the rare chest and now I’m getting around 400. When coins are the most limiting thing in the game this represents a terrible move on your part. You made the change mid day right after I reset using gems and thus I paid the old reset amount and ended up with the new valued chests and didn’t get any first battle bonus today. I’ll see what I get in the next day but this one looks like a deal breaker. This seems like an attempt to get us to spend more on gems and reset more to get the old amount of coins.


Yeah I’m not happy with this either. In fact, I’m quite pissed. I have my coin multiplier at 100% and before the update it was taking a while to get enough to level up. But now? I just opened 3 chests, used diamonds to refresh and got three more, and barely have the coins to show for it. This is NOT cool. It feels like while you may improve a certain part of the game, you demolish another.

Yeah it makes me feel the tokens I invested in the coin multiplier have just been significantly devalued. I know I am still getting the multiplier but it’s not worth what it was.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’m not the main person behind this change so I’m not very familiar with the specifics. For sure their intention is that the coin generation per day should be about the same for people as it was in v2.14. I’d guess that it will vary a little bit depending on whether you are the type of person who grinds the 3x chests panel 1x a day or 20x times a day, but I believe they tried to model it for the common case. Can you please write down how much you earn from the daily win bonus over the course of the next few days and let us know how it’s feeling?

@Lyth if you would like a refund on that set of gems which you used for a refresh today as the app updated, I think it is very reasonable that you get a gem refund for that. Please write in zendesk support ticket and mention my name and this thread.


Lmao I come back two weeks later to find this :joy: I don’t know where you find your patience

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This update is a joke right? As in it’s done to ‘prank’ us…

Each time I saw an epic chest in my rewards chests I knew that is going to be another 20k coins… elite giving x2 chests, at diamond, epic chest gives on average 10k coins with the boosts being fully completed (100% boost) hence the 20k…

Now after this update per epic chest was STRUGGLING to give 5k coins.
Each time it’s been just under 5k, never even hitting the 5k mark.

That being said and with a little maths, my experience matches what Lyth said, more than 50% reduction…

That’s so sly, the good ol’ bait and switch. Any player who chose to work on the coin boost page hearing of stories that life and some alts pulling in 20k coins on average with those purple rewards chest to now seeing the current situation. :no_entry::warning::end::no_entry_sign:denied


So you’re telling us that the first win is going to give us like 30k coins? Because that’s the only way it’s going to be coin neutral.

And if it doesn’t can I get a refund on the season tokens I spent on the 100% coin bonus? Because, you know, I bought it for increased chest coins, not lower.

This, coupled with lowering the event rewards for first place instead of increasing 2-10 makes for a very sad day.

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Hi CampusLifer, I don’t see this adjustment as coin neutral. The adjustment should not be built on favoring the players with less time to play at the cost of other players who grinds hard for goodies. That’s not called “COIN NEUTRAL” and definitely a terrible move that hurts a lot loyal players who patronized the game. This is just too bad…

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Yep, even with the “coin boost” I am now getting less coins per chest than previously without the boost. Wasted season coins on that…:rage::rage::rage:

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Hi guys.

I really don’t mean any respect and I’m sad to hear you’re so upset.

I don’t really have any more information right now for specifics until I talk to the economy team more closely. They made it clear to me that the goal was to make it even out at the same daily coin output as it was in v2.14 for the most common play style. Knowing them, I’m sure they will be looking at the data to see if it’s tracking the way they intended and readjusting if it is not.

In the meantime, I ask that you track your daily income of coins from daily bonus + chests output. If you have specifics about how many times you clear your chests on a daily basis, the amount of coins you used to earn in a daily basis and the amount you now earn in a daily basis — it’s a much more concrete discussion.

Also, won’t be buying Elite anymore, no point, with the lowered coins now it’s gonna take 30 days to collect enough for 1 upgrade rendering Elite completely useless :rofl::joy::flushed::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It’s like the game is being sabotaged…from the inside.:rofl:

This is by far one of the worst changes I’ve seen.

Coins are already one of the most difficult resources in the game to collect. And the plan is to make them even more difficult to obtain? And what about your players who invested in the recent coin booster? The whole point was to get more coins from multiplayer chests. So you pay the season tokens for the boost and now you receive significantly less?

Will they be receiving a refund? As that boost is now rendered virtually useless.


They must have meetings to discuss how to piss off the player base they have.

Jim : Hey John didn’t we just add that coin boost thing in the season event?

John : Yeah Jim just a while ago, a number of them have used their season coins on it.

Fred: Guys! Why don’t we cut the coins in chests by 60% now.

All : :rofl::rofl::rofl:Brilliant! Great idea! They will love it! We r so smart S-M-R-T

Good gawd🙄


Well for now, I can tell you that after opening a total of 9 chests today with the 100% multiplier, I have a whopping 30k coins. An epic chest was in there as well.

If you could please do us all a favor in the meantime, let the people responsible for this change know how irritating this is, that would be awesome. I want my season tokens back that I spent to get to the 100% multiplier honestly, because now it seems like a huge waste. The amount of coins we’re receiving now is pretty much what we were getting before adding the multiplier. You guys are well aware that coins are important, so with all due respect, this again seems like a ploy to get us to spend more money.

And reducing the prize packages in events? Guys! Just stop! Like I said above, you’ll improve one part of the game with an update, but destroy another. The best thing to do is change what we bring to your attention ONLY and leave the rest alone. Because let’s be honest, we already spend a lot of money on this game and should be looked at as almost The Board of Directors lol.

I’m telling you guys, if this sort of thing keeps happening, a lot of us high paying players are going to quit. Upgrading units was finally achievable, and now this. These sort of obvious monetizing of certain aspects shouldn’t be happening at this stage in the game. All this should have been figured out before launch. Every game has start up bugs, but this is getting ridiculous. And if you insist upon continuing to make changes that don’t make sense, then actually listen to the people that are financially supporting even the ability to make these changes.

I’m trying to be respectful, but why in the world do you guys keep messing with the parts of the game we enjoy? Events are hopeless, and now coins? Pfft.

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@Sunsets I better receive a damn refund.

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Oh correction: I don’t have 30k coins after opening 9 CHESTS with 100% booster, I have 21k!!! Unacceptable!!!

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Don’t you guys know the basic 80/20 rule? 80% of revenue come from 20% of users (loyal and big spenders). I just don’t get it who came up with this idea of rigging the chest in your team? Is there any good in displeasing the players who spend a lot of time in this game? And time is money. If someone spends little time in this game, he should get what he deserves. Paying players usually spend more time in the game. Did you guys ran the stats to make the change? No?
This is not personal or intending to offend anyone. I think this update just hurt a lot paying players, and I spoke for them.

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Pro Tip: Don’t piss off your paying customers, it doesn’t make them spend more money on you. It makes them spend their money elsewhere.

Thank you Captain Obvious!:+1::crazy_face:


I am a paying customer who bought package after package for this game. First you decrease their value now you decrease the value of everything else. I DEMAND it be reverted, I will express this by not making any more purchases. The first award of the day is 12000 gold that doesn’t event make up what is lost from opening a single elite chest set with the doubler that I PURCHASED and the elite that I PURCHASED. Your calculations for it breaking even likely don’t take either of those into account.

If it is not reverted I will be requesting refunds from the App Store for the packages I purchased due to your destroying their value.

I love this game but I cannot support what you are doing to your paying customers and I cannot accept that the money I spent is wasted because the doubler and elite aren’t worth anything anymore.

This is not an idle threat or a rant. I cannot express how dissatisfied these changes have made me. Keep your players happy, not giving in to every little thing, but overall happy by not making rediculous unfair costly changes like these without ever getting input from the player base before you do it. Feel free to look at my spending record in the game. Prior to the change in what the packages were worth I would often buy 1 or 2 a week. Since the change I have bought ZERO. The value is no longer there and you just took value away from what I spent and should have had value through the end of the season. I hesitate to find out if you cut the value of the packages further by reducing the gold in those chests too.

For the short version of the above, I am a player who supported this game by spending a great deal of money on it and am now voting with my wallet. Change the gold back and I suggest changing the packages back as well.