Coin impoverished, can’t upgrade. Even with “Elite”

Well, elite got me somewhere in the beginning but if you just play games at 30 coins a game, it is going to take the better part of a long time to upgrade units after you get past lvl 7 or 8. It’s ridiculous how few points the devs want to give up for just playing the game and even with “Elite.” And maybe I hallucinated it, but I thought alliance points were given for each unit you donated. And a decent amount. Not the miserly 2 coins you get now… what gives devs?? I’m about to roll outta this one. It’s not even fun anymore because it’s impossible to move up without buying your deck. Even with regular play. Boo to the devs. Boo

You still get alliance points when you donate units, however we have a visual bug right now where it doesn’t display properly and I’m very sorry that this bug made it to live. If you watch your alliance coin total while donating units you’ll notice that it’s still incrementing by the expected amount.

Elite gives you double chests from multiplayer battles, which also doubles the coins gained from that source. Please let us know how that is not meeting your expectations.

I think the rewards are pretty good, I understand the later levels are very expensive but that’s how games like this work. The higher levels will obviously have the players that spend more money regularly than other plays so the farther you get, the further that feeling of progress feels obtainable but these games are free and if we are going to get months of entertainment and want to be in the top tier we should be willing to at least buy something. Am I saying the current premium stuff is worth the money? No, outside of the deals at least. The event boxes need much more tokens. But I get a legendary (2 with elite) chest most days, and I get at least 3k tokens each event with no refreshes now that I’ve already unlocked all three legendary cards. I’ve been playing for almost a month now and I think that it’s more rewarding than plenty of other games.

It’s pretty meager when you get to mid level units. Double chests or not. And 30 coins a game feels like someone throwing pennies at you when they should be giving you something to sustain your upgrades. I’m playing the game. Doing the quests. Playing the events. I’m pretty sure I’m getting squeezed to buy more than the “Elite” package. Again, The game was fun at first, but now it’s just about getting coins that are really hard to come by, to level up this backlog of units ready for upgrade. And it also seems like the chests never give up certain units. Armored air ship for instance. Seraph. And I’ve got to sell my soul for a legendary. Or buy a colossal chest…

It’s pretty obvious that you want to make it frustratingly slow to upgrade. Is it not your intention?? I get 200 coins per common chest and I need 4000 to upgrade a single grunt unit from lvl 10 to 11?? It’s laughable. 3-5 hours to get more chests? Laughable.

Mind you my account level is level 21, almost 22 and my commanders are all level 11 or 12. Most cards are at least level ten

I can honestly say, I get 0 legendary cards a day. 3 cycles of chests on elite. Nada.

I’m just saying my own personal experience, I don’t know how many legendary cards I get a day but I’ll at least get one pair a day of legendary chests that always contain gems and gauntlet tickets and I get at least one gauntlet run a week

I believe you mean the purple elite chests which on rare occasions contain legendaries. They do not have legendary chests in the free chest rotation.

Yes, purple chest lol sorry I used to play destiny a lot

This has been a long time complain from pretty much all players. It’s even worse towards the top when upgrades cost anywhere from 80-160k a pop. Supposedly there is a new alliance feature coming soon that will help with the coin problem.

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But normally the high end economy in F2P games are pretty expensive. Not saying it’s great but I understand they need to put food on the table too lol but that being said I’m excited for what you just referenced

I hope you’re right. I literally just got 124 coins in a basic chest… what good does it do? 2x was 240 something coins… done complaining now. If things don’t change soon, I’ll prolly be more productive with my time while not playing.

Yikes lol well if you wanna talk about productivity, video games are not often the correct path. I’m enjoying this and they just updated the events reward structure too sooo :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi Swede. Question. How is it that 3 wins in a row on the event I received less than 20 points for the win? I’ve received 100 or more in some cases… but less than 20, closer to 10 on one and it doesn’t even declare the points won in those situations feels fishy to me. Is it a glitch?
It said I received 15 points for the win on one of them. Then 2 in a row it said nothing at all and I had to look for myself.

This is a glitch, or rather a delay in the updating of your medal count on the client (your device) with the server. Your battles are recorded on the server, so the medal count will also be correct, it will just take some time to update in your game if there are a lot of battles going on and ranks getting shuffled. It’s not ideal, and it’s on our radar for potential future performance fixes.

@S7Swede @S7NotABot Ran into a problem today with my unit upgrades. Upgraded my ranger through the season tokens to a lvl 13 if I’m not mistaken and I played with the card after upgrading and now it’s showing up at a lvl 10… can you please correct this ASAP. Obvious not life n death but I just spent more coin than I’m proud to say on the season packs and I’m being met with mild annoyance that this has happened…

Hi @GingerGiant I think I replied to your problem with this in the other thread you posted.

The number of medals you earn depend on the difficulty of the opponent you defeat.

If you defeat someone who is determined to be a very challenging opponent for you, you’ll earn way more than if you’re “punching down” at someone weaker than you.

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