Coin booster was a complete waste of money?

Where can I even begin. I Spent hundreds and hundreds of hard earned money to full unlock the coin booster. Hours of none stop Grinding in event battles, early mornings and sleeping less nights. Just for a boost that could double my coin income. Calculating everything in my head thinking it could finally give me enough coins to get my perfect max deck with constant grinding. I was constantly chasing after the Epic chest, Blue chest, Green chest, and white chest like it was a drug. I wasn’t aiming for the cards, gems, or tickets. For me the greatest prize was the silver coins. But this update ruined everything. The reason I spent all that time and money was slapped out of my hands this morning when I opened my second rare chest. I’ve never felt so betrayed about a game in my life. They tricked us all by assuring us double coin incomes for every chest won in a multiplayer match. My coin income has dropped by half, if not slightly over half. That’s with coin booster at 100% and a elite pass. Even with first win of the day, it still wasn’t compare able to my income before. If I knew any better, given the opportunity to see into the future I wouldn’t have spend all that cash on unlocking coin booster. Coin booster and elite pass is basically useless until a Epic chest pops up. Even so, Epic chest only gave about half of what I would normally received in the last patch.

for everyone who Strongly agrees pls keep the his post alive until changes are made

  1. Post your thoughts as well
  2. Post Coin income for chest prior to this update and then new income
    ex. 0000/0000 (color chest)

questions for Wild beyond employees/associates chat/email the management team about this issue?
2. Will the community be able to have a fair say or vote on what’s to happen next with the coin income ?
3. If coin Income is restored, can they extend Coin Booster for the amount of days this update was in effect?
4. Worst case, no changes were made about the new patch, am I able to get a refund of the xxxx amount of money spent to get coin booster or get a compensation of equal Gaul or greater?


I agree on this. We need diamonds to unlock chests, we need to win to get them, we could boost the reward with boosters, we can get elite to get double…
but in the end the devs just nerfed it into ground to scam us.
Also boosters time is going so players who got it loose even more coins.

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Feel ripped off. Just noticed few hours ago not happy at all.


I can’t agree anymore , especially since they just threw the update out of no where

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Exactly, everyone who has the boosters agrees with me as well


I gotta agree with this.
You devs scammed us with this last update.

So you lower by half our coins rewards in order to sell your coin boosters that can potentially double those?
This is a zero sun game and a complete scam.


Gotta say these cats are correct, I get incentivizing other aspects of the game to encourage play but this is ridiculous


Ditto here and others in my Alliance agree…feeling conned.

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Like how the hell do you expect us to benefit from this? Aren’t updates suppose to make the experience better for us? It hurts every time I open up a chest to see that my coins are basically depleted… sigh there goes another great game that I like due to simple minded person who came up with that idea.

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I honestly don’t even want to open my chest , I just sit there and stare at it. Worst update In The history of all mobile games.

A few people in my alliance spoke up about it, but some of them are kind of new to the game so I don’t think they really noticed much of a change. Every time I open up the chest I have a tiny hope that it would magically go back to how it was.

Is there anyone one in this forum that is an employee? There has to be ? Or someone that is able to answer my questions ?

You won’t get a real answer anyway. It’ll be some dance around that will just confuse and infuriate you more. :joy: I agree with everything said above, btw.


Damn that sucks, I’ll rather hear an honest answer instead of someone beating around the bush and Giving your hopes up. I honestly hope they change it back and compensate us.


Plus, it’s the weekend. They pretty much refuse to answer us or fix anything on the weekend. I think they purposely did this update right before the weekend in hopes that people wouldn’t care anymore by the time Monday rolls around


I said this somewhere, the team that is responsible for these ridiculous changes needs to be the ones jumping on the forum so they can get a first hand experience what their “ideas” are doing to the game. They just sit there and do things they know will piss us off, but get to hide behind their little work stations without facing the consequences. Kinda wish they’d be fired so we can get a real team in that knows game development but most importantly, customer freaking service


I’m honestly still waiting for a reply… at this point I don’t even know if I’ll get one. But I know that you could get a full refund for the money you have wasted on the coin booster. Wild beyond might not agree with it but by law, “ If the product purchased is found to be unfit for the purpose of which it was intended for.” Also the FTC Federal trade Commission and Deceptive Enforces federal consumer law meant to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, or unfair business practices such as false advertising. The agency will sue companies that make deceptive claims about their products or service.
I also have been saving a bunch of screenshots from other members on this board who also felt like they have been scammed for proof if ever end up making a claim, plus a bunch of my friends play this game as well and have spends hundreds just trying to obtain the coin booster, so worst case I’ll just have to make a report if they don’t intend on reaching back out to me.

Sorry for the frustration all! @Lilmic I addressed in the coin booster issue in another thread - we will be increasing the coin booster amounts to offset the lower chest amounts:

Hey Folks,

Thanks everyone for your input! @roman5 has the right general idea with his spreadsheet in that we wanted to boost up the coins for folks with fewer games per day, while maintaining a similar number of coins at 5 refreshes. However, after looking carefully at your responses and at the data, we determined that players with the coin boost are receiving fewer coins than we planned, and we will be taking action to make sure the coin boost is providing the expected value!

As such, we will be:

  • Increasing the 25% Season 1 Coin Boost to 45%
  • Increasing the 50% Season 1 Coin Boost to 90%
  • Increasing the 100% Season 1 Coin Boost to 180%
  • In addition, we will be further one-time crediting those players who have unlocked Coin Boosters with additional coins based on their level of Coin Boost.

We’re working with our engineers to figure out how soon we can roll this out, but I’ll provide details when I am able.


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When can we expect our compensation?

Never got credited, i also have proof of purchased as well, if you guys need more formation on date of purchased and how much money spend let me know in the next reply so I can get everything ready Ty