Code of Conduct

Hello and welcome to the universe of Wild Beyond!

We’ve created this forum as a place for all of our players to gather to have open and friendly communication among one another and with our team. With this in mind we would like to ask that all players to be sure to post in the proper categories for discussion, be respectful of each other’s opinions, and follow our forums rules of conduct.

Admins and mods reserve the right to take action to keep our forum users in-line with the general Code of Conduct up to and including banning forum accounts:

  • Offensive Behavior - This include personal attacks directed at another player. Abusive, inappropriate, discriminatory, unlawful, threatening, or offensive language of any sort.
  • Spamming - Multiple or repetitive posts that disrupts conversations in threads or categories
  • Sexually explicit language - Language that expresses anything obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit.
  • Selling/Advertising - Posts that advertise, promote, or solicit external services, referrals, websites or commercial enterprises.
  • Illegal Behavior - Posts that discuss, promote, or encourage criminal activity.
  • Cheating - Discussions and implementations of cheats, exploits, hacks, or malicious viruses or programs.
  • Impersonating an employee - Impersonating any individual, business, or entity, including a Strange Sevens employee, or communicating in any way that makes it appear that the communication comes from Strange Sevens.
  • Bullying - Posts that threaten the well-being of others, spread rumors, or verbally attack other players.
  • Physical Threats - Language that threatens violence or physical harm to others players.
  • Self Harm - Posts on deliberate self-injury or suicidal language.
  • Underage players - Our terms of service require all players to be age 13 or older. Any players found to be under 13 will be permanently banned from the game and their account deleted.
  • Thread Necro - Bringing back previously closed threads from more than 3 months ago. In these cases, please create one new thread to comment in if the relevant thread is too old.
  • Trading Accounts or Strange Sevens Property
    Sharing of personal identifying information - Sharing of any personal or identifying information is not prohibited.
    • If you are a streamer or have a your own video/content channels then please make sure to clarify difference between identifying yourself as a personality (say, a streamer) vs identifying yourself as a person.
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