Christmas/holiday “Gift”?

Not that I was expecting much but given the season that we are in and some of the hiccups we have faced with the most recent releases… it sure would have been nice to open the game this morning to some coins/dust/tokens as a “thank you for playing our game”. Sure feels like nobody cares to invest in this game anymore. All kinds of bugs. Hardly any replies by the devs in forums and two copycat seasons in a row. I mean even the bad kids get coal…Could we get some of that? (so we can turn it into dust) :rofl:


We definitely need dust. I’m sure most of us now can’t upgrade anything because of the lack of availability of dust. Imagine what would have happened in to the game if they didn’t give us 1 mill of dust for each faction at the very beginning. Just take away the dust system. I thought the purpose is to help people who maxed their units that have extra cards. I would rather have extra cards sitting there and not use dust.

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They’ve completely ignored feedback outside of fixing glitches caused by their unnecessary changes.

They couldn’t even put anything holiday oriented into the game bc they are too focused on making a money-pit. The core of the changes are meant to take your money. You honestly expected something meaningful from these devs for free? Wish for it in one hand and poop in the other, see which one happens first…

Lmao :joy: hahaha that’s asking to much to thank your players for sticking around on ur game.other games did it but not this one not even a merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Seriously, these guys are the ‘101’ of how NOT to do marketing. I’m in the marketing/advertising game - have been for a loooong time. I’m amazed they haven’t gone belly-up yet. Have never seen a company buy a product from another (remember, WB was purchased from another dev under ‘Rebel Sky’) then just driven into the dirt.

The bones of the original game were solid - which has to be the only thing that’s let them last this long.

It’s breathtaking to behold…

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