Choosing opponents in the event

So I’ll start by saying I hate this event and the choice of units. Thanks for the third event in a row with worms and now featuring it for those of us without them we really appreciate it.

You claim your system is supposed to choose opponents so that you have a 50% chance of winning. So why after I’ve lost 6 in a row, having spent gems to get to play that many am I put against Pandread a maxed out guy who is basically at the top of event boards?

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We have also become convinced that the current matchmaking system won’t work for us. We plan to revamp the system to be more based on card levels, but it’s going to take us a long time to do it. Since we’re not a big team, we’re going to focus our resources on developing the new system instead of continuing to tweak the existing system.


Timeframe on when you might move from ELO to card rank?

Last time we changed the matchmaking system (in a much more minor way) it took us many releases over a series of months with a bunch of ugly bugs popping up along the way :sob:

Is he really maxed out?? 7/13 cards available are not max. So only 47%, I would assume maxed out. Would mean 100%? Jk jk…sort of.

I do find this interesting, @Lyth you’re a champion level player on the number 2 team…but you’re seeing it as unfair. What % of the game meets that criteria? Its not perfect but in a lot of ways you’re playing against a similar performance by the game. Pretty sure Punisher has even more level 17s. Should nobody have to play him then?

I’m not really sure just how narrow they can make the bands?

I’m not sure what exact metrics should be used to determine your 50% but it actually sounds fairly reasonable within the confines of the variables that exist?

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I’d say if the difference is just 2 levels or less it’s completely winnable. It’s when stuff like a nuke truck not killing a reaper without suit up (10 vs 15), kuro blast killing a carrier (if kuro is at least 2 levels above the carrier) or a goo dog not being crushed by a pancake (10 vs 16) that it becomes a bit biased towards one side.


@S7campusLifer that’s great news! After you roll out the new system, please take the old ELO system and put a stake through it’s heart, set it on fire, seal the ashes in a lead box and dump them into the deepest abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s not too much overkill, is it?

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Great we all appreciate the work y’all are doing. Exciting update.


I want the system to work like they stated over and over again it did but it clearly doesn’t. Don’t even joke about your deck or the amount you play the game. I would venture to say you don’t have a level 10 card left in your deck, with the possible exception of current season. Since you tried to claim you aren’t maxed why don’t you tell us the levels of each of your current event cards.

Oh and the publicly posted deck power you have for the event is 34200 the next nearest person in the bracket is 31100.

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I hear you. Just lost 5 battles in a row. All of them 3 levels above me. By my calculations that is no where near 50%, but I could be wrong. The fix for this lopsided game is actually pretty simple and is about time that they figured it out. Months to do? And put on the back burner? FIX THE BROKEN THINGS IN YOUR GAME…BEFORE ADDING NEW…BROKEN THINGS, TO THE GAME. Geez, common sense. The fact you spent all your time adding new content…and messing that up, rather than fixing what your player base has been griping about for months shows lack of foresight and lack of care for your player base.


You’re arguing with a dev, right? Pretty pointless. Of course they can max everything :joy:

Because you are not in Royal Guard.

Kind regards

I guess it’s hard to say what is defined as working or not. I’m just saying you want really really narrow bands. Part of this is likely brought on by the economy of the game but your proposed band, you’d have like 5 people in your bracket?

I don’t have any level 10s for the core ones. A few of the season ones are low. Are there any in particular? Because that’s a lot to list out.

Deck strength isn’t the most accurate factor either but it is relevant.

Anyhow, im just saying you’re champion level. So…if you get matched up against someone challenger, does that mean it’s broken. Could it be better? Yes. But I think it’s working to some degree? Just not how you want

Arguing with who?

Not how I want, how the developers have repeatedly stated it works and you know it. Not to mention events and PvP ranking are very different things. Don’t assume one means the other works. I have great 1v1 and 2v2 decks doesn’t mean the randomly chosen cards they pick are leveled up or I have experience using them, that was supposed to be the whole point of ELO.

For sure. I just think this particular thing is a bit subjective. It’s definitely not working fully but I just think it’s not somewhere between 0-100.

Maybe I’m misreading it but just seems like this particular thing isn’t as broken as it seems. But it’s not complete either. Idk, I just don’t know how they can shrink the Comp bands anymore?

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