Chests too limited



I’ve been playing the game for a while now and have almost got to diamond 2. That being said I am putting a lot of hours into the game with very limited things to do. Yes there is gauntlet and on the weekends there are the tournament events. Besides that I find myself wanting another option for more chests. I gem most of the time to get the next set of three chests but I like to grind out the quests given. I am sure everyone gets stuck on… open multiplayer rewards. If this was maybe implemented to include the tourney wins on the weekend or/ gauntlet wins I would feel a lot better about the reward system. Just a thought.


This was a problem heavily addressed in a thread earlier when they significantly increased the cost of refreshing multiplayer chests. Its still the root cause of the problem in my opinion. It took away the one thing we could actually play and “grind” for, without mass spending gems.

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