Chests questions under new system

There was obviously a lot to unpack in the change notes. I’m curious about a number of things related to chests and earning cards under the new system:

Chests are found all over the game, not just multiplayer (event season coin unlocks, as rewards for leveling up to certain levels, campaign rewards, even just the timed quest rewards). Are those ways of getting chests ALL scrapped or replaced under the new system?

Are their still tiers of chests under the recruit chest system? Can players choose what tier to unlock, or is it still largely chosen for you what order / frequency you’ll get to unlock? (Personally i’d find it interesting to give players a choice to work up to fewer but higher level unlocks vs. more frequent basic unlocks)

How does this impact chests in the store as deals or chest store? (Not that I ever have money myself to spend on those, but I’m interested as a function of other players buying cards to use against me :slightly_smiling_face:)

It is pretty clear gauntlet tickets are going away between this change and the note about gauntlet. Will chests ever have anything else in them other than cards going forward? (I think the answer is no, but the change notes have some room for interpretation)

Last a comment: the dev note says it was unfortunate that players didn’t find opening chests exciting, which is what was driving this direction. I’m guessing this was somewhat an interpretation of metrics on the chest open screens. But I can tell you for me the reason I sped through chest unlock screens was 1) it didn’t matter what cards I got because I never had coins to upgrade with, so I could just go to the upgrade screen and see what I had that I could afford to upgrade, and 2) there was never an option to unlock something I didn’t already have. If you really want me to be excited about opening a chest, give me an occasional chance to get cards I didn’t have to earn elsewhere, like is possible with ranked chests.

Speaking of which, it seems ranks are largely going away, so are there no more monthly ranked awards?

I’m taking an optimistic view of all this and I’m sure there will be tweaks needed after of course - it must have been a challenge to gut such a large part of the game and anticipate everything. Hopefully I haven’t just added fuel for more complaining in asking about/pointing some of these things out, but I think some clarity/ more detail on this might be helpful before it’s a surprise?


Hi. Thank you for the thoughtful feedback.

There is one single “Recruit” tab in the game where you go to open chests. Some of the old places instead give you an “recruit token” which you can use to go to the Recruit tab to open chests. For instance the season tree would give 5x recruit tokens instead of 5x chests. We’ve also changed the economy to give our diamonds much more liberally than before which also can be used to
open this chest (eg first win of the day, daily quests, …)

There is only a single tier of chest right now.

There is not longer a chest section in the store. There’s just this single Recruit section to open chests.

Never say never, but right now they only provide cards.

I didn’t write that part of the release notes, but here’s how I’d personally phrase it: No one really ever looked at what was coming out of any chests. This is partially because cards were not very valuable in the old system and because you’re constantly opening different types of chests barfing out a bunch of stuff at once.

This was bad for new players because it was super unclear what you do to get new cards (wait, so at first it doesn’t appear in any of the chests because I’m not high enough level but then once I reach that level the card goes into some of the chests and not others and it’s very hard to understand which ones can just give me the Cartillery card I want).

For mid game players, we are trying to align the economy so coins aren’t the only thing you care about. Cards shouldn’t just be a garbage thing! The need for coins shouldn’t go so fast — the coin economy and card economy should scale more in lockstep.

For now, yes. But we understand that top players really want things like rank to strive to be the best. We are planning to bring them back for top players who already reached the top arena. (Eg you could imagine that after the arena for card level 17, you could have a series of arenas based on ranking, which has a monthly reset shipment, rank borders, etc.)

Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt. With such a large change, I’m sure some things will come out a little broken — we’ll fix them as quickly as we can.


Awesome - thanks for the detailed reply. Makes a lot of sense. I guess I have two last questions, one as a result of this and one i came up with after my original post.

  • if there’s only one type of chest, are the rates of getting higher tier cards more or less comparable to what they are now? Can you explain how that works? I can expect I’d be extremely annoyed after my 37th common card in a row if it isn’t somewhat more than random chance. :wink:

  • how does the smaller number/greater card value economy impact card donations within alliances? I guess one positive of the current coin economy was that I felt very likely not to hoard cards that I wasn’t going to waste precious coins on, but this seems like it might flip that. Is the donate system staying in some form, or is that going away too.


I have a question? Will we get this last monthly shipment? Before the new update?

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Very productive and well mannered post, this is exactly how to get the response you want from the devs, thanks for taking the time and demonstrating some patience and good manners, the response you’ve received already clarifies a lot.

Sorry, with all the negativity thrown around on here a constructive post like this really stands out to me.


Good question. Thank you for bringing this up. I will talk to the team and make sure we consider it before releasing. It’s hard to say exactly what the timing will be, so it’s not clear what the right course of action will be, but thanks to your question it will definitely on our radar of things to think about before releasing this update.

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