Chests for diamonds

What happened to being able to purchase chests with diamonds. I want to buy season tokens but I can’t spend my diamonds on chests anymore. You only allow Chest purchases with cash. What happened to the 2k diamonds for pheonix forge? Or 4K diamonds for colossal chest?

You can still get the event chests for 2k diamonds. Under the recruit tab. See pic. No more colossal chests though.

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Thank you!!

I just found out you can click on your max level75 and you have the option to purchase roughly 100k diamonds and I think it was 300k coins for 20$. Just a heads up… I don’t think anyone knows about it… or at least I didn’t till I accidentally tapped it

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Bought it already. Great deal. Thanks though!

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Yep probably going the best value you’ll ever get 280k coins and 100m gems when you’re lvl 75

Should have said 100k gems

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