Chest cool down

Heres an idea for you, once you have collected your chest and the timer for the next set starts, for every win the time is reduced by x amount of minutes say 3-5 min. Any one else think that this would be an amazing addition to the game? Encouraging you to continue to play, and also giving you an opportunity to grow and better yourself with out having to pay to play. Discuss… thanks for your time!


Yes I agree, it’s a good idea. But they won’t do it, because they want as much of our money as possible

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@Maeve1 That’s actually a rather clever idea! It would definitely require a lot of balancing to see what a reasonable amount of time would be, should we consider it. Thanks for the suggestion!

@PHNEWALLETKEYS Please don’t dismiss another player’s suggestion because you may feel it is unlikely. The forum is meant to be a place for all players to provide suggestions and field ideas for discussion.

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Please stop misconstruing what your customers are saying


Seriously? I agreed that it was a good idea. I’m simply stating what’s evident

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Great! Let’s discuss this proposed chest cooldown mechanic instead.

  • Are there other games in which you’ve seen something similar work?
  • Would a flat cooldown reduction of X minutes be more fair with the current increasing chest timer?
  • What about making all cooldown timers the same length, but making each reset require the same number of wins each time?

I like the idea of keeping the chest cool down rates the same and scaling the reduction for wins based on current time, I think 5% of the current reset time is fair (for example, if current starting cooldown is 100 minutes then each win takes off five minutes, if current starting cooldown is 1000 then each win takes 50 minutes off. 20 wins is a lot (understanding I am not accounting for the time it takes to actually play said games) of playing and for the first cycle or two wouldn’t do much to speed things up but on the third or fourth for the day it would do wonders for your highly active players. With the tools you have available I wouldn’t be shocked that 3% reduction is a more realistic model but anything less would almost not be worth it. I appreciate that you respond tot he players like this, it would be great if we could communicate with you on a more accessible forum such as discord. There is a community hosted discord with an existing bug reporting section and plans for player run events with possible prizes, it would be incredible to get the developers in on that, as the discord community is also suffering these days, I think havin some representation there and maybe even in global chat would revitalize both the game and the discord where it’s community convenes.
Thank you for your time,

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I see, so you would favor the percent-age based cooldown reduction as opposed to flat. It definitely makes sense for the reduction to meet some threshold where it’s actually worth trying to speed it up with wins. We’d also have to consider that not every game will be a win.

One other concern I have (that maybe we can think on) is what of the players that use their lower-ranked factions to get these wins? Should those wins be of the same value as one with your best faction? Thanks for joining in on the discussion!

Participating in the Discord is something we’ve actually discussed, but we have to lay out some guidelines for participation on our end. Mainly, because it’s not a S7-operated platform, employees who want to participate don’t really want to feel like they’re “on-call” for work there if they just want to play the game and have fun. @Chucklesb011 Whom would be best to reach out to to discuss Discord things (i.e. server owner)?

Either myself or quack, he is the owner I am an admin. Yes percentage based would be the best way for you to maintain your cost increase but have a more or less consistent requirement to speed it up regardless of which refresh you are on. Whether or not to scale it based on deck level/rank is an interesting obstacle I hadn’t considered. There would probably need to be some way to prevent exploitative behavior. For now, the quickest option for implementing this system may be to restrict it to your highest ranked deck only, that’s the best way I can think to make it fair for players of all rank and level. This, however, touches upon the bigger issue of rank manipulation in general. I know it’s not the easiest to do but it still happens, with max stone decks floating around out there. In the long term it may be good to put in floors to rank, which once passed cannot be dropped below again, and these floors could be simply set for each faction based on power level calculated in a similar fashion to the power level now shown in events, but that is a bigger and different discussion. For now, I think everyone would be very happy to see a playable way to increase chest rewards and no one would complain if the speed up were limited to one’s highest faction, as you would really be the first team to ever do something like this that I’ve seen, and it is in my experience highly desired by players of all games with this type of reward system. It would truly set you apart from any other game of this kind.
Thank you for your time,
Edit: in response to you needing rules for the discord I totally understand that, I don’t want the devs to feel like they are on call and a discussion with quack and myself with someone from your team would be a good idea, in past communities where I’ve seen dev participation, the discord owners have in their rules guidelines on how to interact with the devs and enforce those rules with mutes, suspensions, and bans. It worked well until the developing company was purchased by ea and all the staff was laid off :confused:

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