Chest changes and a suggestion to make it feel right

The drop of all chests down to a single card seems very draconian when we were used to getting multiple cards and multiple copies of each card and those were doubled by elite. Yes I know the change to the number of cards required to update and I know elite now doubles coins but you also now require scrap so people need to feel they can scrap cards and donate cards to team mates. Also getting season chests or massive chest ps with only a single card, especially a common card really just feels lousy.

I would make the following suggestion: bring back chest levels common would have 1 common card, uncommon would have 2 cards 1 common and 1 66% common, 33% rare, epic or massive chest should have 3 cards, 1 common, 1 rare, and 1 epic and a 16.66% chance to have a 4th legendary card. A legendary chest you get from packages or from rewards in event or rewards in season tree should have 2 common, 2 rare, 2 epic, and 1 legendary card. Right now the number of cards per day has dropped so much people can’t see getting legendaries to a decent level as a reasonable possibility I mean 1% chance is ridiculously low with the number of legendary cards there are and the number needed to max them. I think the number of chests per day may need to go up as well. And yes this will lead to people being able to max our common and rare cards faster but they need to be able to get to the point where they feel they can scrap cards and right now they don’t.


I relied to a similar feedback earlier… here’s what I wrote:

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You think this is a good change your players are telling you it was too extreme.


Absolutely correct. If you buy a package now and get a card now you have already maxed. You get nothing it is not showing up to scrap it. It’s not turning it into dust automatically either.

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