Chats are disappearing

Periodically all my chats disappear from the left side bar so I lose all my pm’s and have to start over if I can. Also why can’t we at least start new chat with alliance members. If they have been inactive it would be helpful to send a pm to see if they are ok or whether they’ve abandoned the game

Hi @Maxginsu

Agree this could be better.

Agree this drives me crazy as well. Unfortunately the low level technology we’re using for chat clears history of unused chat channels from their data centers periodically. We want to improve this but it’s a relatively big project to switch architectures. As such, given the level of impact for the amount of work required we’re not going to prioritize fixing it until bigger fish have been fried.

This is relatively easy to fix. Which screen specifically would you want to use to have access to sending your members direct messages? Alliance => Info ?

Any place their username it’d be nice to just be able to click and start a new chat from any area

I don’t have an issue with the chat log clearing after a period of time; nor does anyone as far as I know; Maxginuse means active chats will just close, history still maintained when re-opened but the entire chat list is just gone.

As for messaging alliance mates, I think the stats screen is best, the same place one would go to check rank, donations, and manage the alliance if a leader.

No, my actual messages completely delete after like two weeks

Yea that is a built in feature to not take up memory/storage and prevent lag.

Sorry I misread “I don’t have a problem with” as “I don’t have this happening to me” lol

Yes that works but I don’t think it’s needed anymore since you introduced the reminders for alliance quest. We are able to reach members from that screen that we need to. Thanks

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@Maxginsu ok awesome. Our longer term plan is to make it work consistently such that anywhere you see a player name you can tap on it to access profile, DM, etc.

As far as chats disappearing, is there a set number of players you can have a chat open with? I am constantly loosing all the players I’ve talked to regardless of how recent. And coupled with the fact that you can’t dm from a profile it makes recovering the means of contact extremely difficult especially with people from other alliances.

Basically our data provider unsubscribes players from these chat channels. It’s not based on how recently you used them or any pattern that I know of. We don’t know the details, we just know it happens pretty randomly now and then.

Definitely agree it sucks. The background and current plan is quoted above.

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