Jan 12th, 2020

I didn’t just add updates to the top because I updated info on so many other things that we are putting in place to help everyone, in case this ever happens again. Because of that, it will benefit you to reread it all again anyway.

I’ll be posting this info here, as well as sharing it directly to our Discord server.

Thanks to everyone who is helping by spreading the word about this info!

Hello everyone!

Savvy and I want to remind everyone that, during this tragedy, that can only be described as:

  1. A social media CRISES that will be spoken of for decades to come.


  1. TERROR! Heart, black from rot and cold as ice… TERROR.

… everyone from the Synergy, Synergy PLUS, or any residual alliances, can utilize our Discord server during this time of TERROR.

We believe in keeping you all in tip top fighting condition, and that means using those little fingers for typing your plan of attack, damage statistics, shoe sizes, dinner plans, and the thing about how people from Louisiana have said:

"That Aunt Queen, or Ant or whatever queen… the thing that looks like it has a black woman’s haircut an you don’t e-em know it until you look real hard and it’s a little brotha up there. My cousin gotta girl with hair like that… so I KNOW. They can say it’s not supposed to be a black lady but why it’s got all them lil bad-ass kids running all over, like they in Walmart on a weekend. That has to be a little racist or something because why when I blow them up, I feel like I shot my sister’s kids?! But it ain’t too bad, cause if you wait a few seconds… She’ll spit out some more. JUST like them girls from ‘round my neighborhood.” - randomly picked Louisiana resident

All of my SynPlus Officers:
You should already be on the serverl and I think I’ve worked your permissions into the system. If you have problems, let me know. Be ready, as much as you can today between work, or the trip with Aunt Malaysia to get that thing, in that place looked at, … so we can help members as much as possible. Also, thank you, I appreciate you guys .

SynPLUS Members:
It’s not mandatory to be on our Discord for you all, but if you log in, we’re all there having free beer & wings. Plus, Hex just finished putting in the new family bathroom… and we’re not… kidding.

It’s really a good way to keep communicating with fellow amembers and leadership team to get updates, ask questions, and for old school Synergy Family, check out the new (and fun) features coming very soon to our server.

Help those who have it with questions, and helping them if they have problems like yesterday. The event was locking up and people were getting frustrated and not completing the daily. Those who told us this on Discord learned that we are aware it and if you try a few times, it will let you in and you can’t help get everyone paid!

PLUS: (see what I did there?)
You can do all of that while multitasking WITHOUT closing the game out.**

It’s a Slide Out feature from Apple if you want to look it up. The open apps are on a carousel of apps that float above the game and can be moved freely around the screen.

I don’t have a list of which devices have the capability, but I’m on a Wifi only, iPad 5 … I think, and it’s updated with iPadOS 13.

Synergy Crew:
Savvy said he thoroughly enjoyed his 5 hour lunch yesterday and so, he has a few gift cards from the last 4 birthdays, and 1 from Christmas. He’s gonna get a massage and have a little “me time” tomorrow, but you all are pros and you got this.

OH! And… “Just don’t let that one dude be left alone in the req room again if he’s got peanut butter on his hands. They’ll know what I mean.”

————————————— ———-
If you’re a higher end player that’s burnt out on your current alliance and looking for a fun, fair, and loyal alliance… then this is the fun, no-b.s. place for you!

Whether you want place to call home for good, or a place filled with experienced long-time players with an experienced member-driven leadership team to help you prepare to get the call to move up to our parent alliance, SYNERGY.

However, if you hate fun, don’t like to be appreciated, or becoming a better player… then this is not the place for you. So If you do apply. bring your A-game & be ready to party!

Obviously, we are always working to be better and have a stronger team, so come be a part of the exciting things now underway!

Current Members of All Synergy Alliances:
Any questions about any of this, message myself, or any of the great Synergy or SynPLUS Officers, on our Discord server, on the forums here. or in game if it ever gets fixed? We’ll be happy to help you!

If you know some of your fellow Synergy family members ARE NOT on the forums here, please encourage them to see the value in at least reading them, even if they don’t want to post. After all, that’s how you’re seeing this information now. At the very least, pass on the important info.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!


I am Savvy and I approve this message. :+1:t4:


That’s extremely nice of you and your team to do that.


So, does it really look like the developers are trying to tank this game? Has it gotten that bad? I still love Wild Beyond. Anyway, I will keep doing the event (although I’m sucking it up pretty good) and 1v1 until they get their heads out of their asses and restart chat. Miss you guys… stay strong


If they are attempting to ruin the game they are done as a developer. They have nothing else!

If anyone wants a laugh, go and read their corporate website.

Perhaps the high SF rent is ruining them and they are running on the last of their fumes.


This is a joke.

I respect you guys for doing this. Pretty cool of you to take on that responsibility and whoever wrote all of that… extra kudos to you my friend! It was witty and hilarious! I don’t really have the time to be social on here because of work but maybe if I find myself having extra time I’ll add the discord for shits and giggles. Good luck WB fam and I’ll catch you later


Strange Seven website

  • Create Players for Life: We seek to cultivate lifelong relationships with our players by making games that players love to play for years and by continuously finding ways to improve our products and make their experience better. We dedicate ourselves to serving our players well.

@halfnasty I was not starting the comment is a joke. I should have taken more time to say more. This lack of concern from Strange Seven is a joke. No comments, no notes from them. And your right joke isn’t a fair word. It’s concerning. My apologies for not being clearer on my thoughts.


Yeah, one of the reason I said people should check out their website.

They sit on a throne of lies.


Nice job halfnasty


Gotcha. . I’m sorry if I misunderstood

Thank you :pray:

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