Chat still appears not to be functional

Dear Strange Sevens team,

The chat function of the game appears to be down for the entirety of the userbase. Please address this at your earliest convenience.




Chat and sound doesn’t work. The servers don’t let me connect to play with teammates. This game is becoming :poop:


Fix the damn chat rooms already!!!


Clash royal has been growing on me and I find me self on it a lot more then this game.this game just has to many problems and the dev just don’t have a solution for anything going on.i spent 4.99 on clash royal pass and when I say it’s 100% worth it I got so many legends epics units plus they have rank and two vs two. Get chest after every win get so many units coins and don’t need any dust to upgrade a card/unit.S7 take notes from games like clash royal not summoners war your game is not that type of game play battle boom play clash royal see what’s going on and make the proper correction to ur game.


If only there was an ounce of concern.

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