Chat options missing in some areas


Hi Team,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just lack of implementation, but there is no option to open a chat window in several places. As a leader of one of the top guilds it is very valuable to be able to chat with people before accepting or booting them. Here are the key areas missing a chat option.

  1. Alliance info - members can not open a chat window with each other unless that person is chatting in main chat. Which means it’s harder to connect with someone that’s not currently online.

  2. Application window - when someone has applied to join the alliance we can not open a chat dialog with them. This makes it hard to learn details about the player before accepting them.

From a coding standpoint I think it’s a good quality of life enhancement to add that chat dialog to those menus. Appreciate your time team.


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Hi @Hydro! Totally agree! This would really help the ability to run a guild and to help build community within the app. Thanks for the suggestions!

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