Chat is live in game

That is all… or 20 characters worth

It’s live but it’s still not working quite right. At time I can’t see it, at other times I can see it but can’t post. Playing an arena seems to clear it.

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It’s the new S7 Kill or be Killed Workout program!

Want to find out what plans Marcy, and her new Boyfriend, have for dinner tonight?

What’s the deal with socks?

Or… just chat about Chatpocalyse, while in the chat room you couldn’t get in… BECAUSE of CHATPOCALYPSE?!

NOW You CAN! Just head on into the chat room. No, it’s ok. Really, just go… UH OH!

Now you’ll have burn off any weight you’ve gained in the last 2 1/2 minutes, by fighting to the death in the …ARENA OF CHEATING BOTS!

But, IF you survive, we’ll grant you 1 visit to a chat room (as long as this patch holds up).

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