Chat bug - text not appearing

Since the last update frequently I will be in chat and type out a reply, send it along and it never appears. Once this happens the only way to fix it is restart the game. It seems to be getting more frequent.


This is happening to me and I actually made a post about it. They said they’re aware, but that was basically it. It’s pretty annoying actually

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I thought they blocked my chat or something lol

Hi all.

For sure there’s a bug here. We want to get it fixed before the next update, but we’re actually not able to get it to reproduce “in the lab” with our debugger attached. If you know if specific steps to reproduce the problem, it would be helpful.

Other questions that might help us track it down:

  • does the problem go away if you close and reopen the app?
  • which chat channels are you seeing the problem? Global? Alliance? DMs? All?
  • does it fix itself if you close and reopen the chat panel?

Thanks. Again, I’m sorry this is problem is occurring. I’m not really sure how it broke because I don’t know of any meaningful changes to chat in our most recent update.

Sometimes it fixes itself if you close and reopen the app, sometimes it doesn’t. Today I had to close and reopen twice before I could post a comment in alliance chat.

It has happened to me in alliance, global, and DM

No, it doesn’t fix it when you close and then reopen the chat panel. The only thing that fixes it is closing the app

Basically what Phnewalletkeys said, it happens in any chat, nothing seems to trigger it, it just happens and it’s frequent.

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HI @PHNEWALLETKEYS @Lyth. Our datacenter provider happened to rollout a code change on Thursday around the same moment we started seeing this problem. We asked them to rollback their change. We’re hopeful that this is the source of the problem, but we’re not certain. Can you please let me know if this problem has fixed itself for you? If it’s still a problem, we’ll keep digging.

Thanks! I apologize that this problem was happening in the first place.

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I actually haven’t run into the problem all day personally, I think you guys squashed the bug! Lol.

Thank you!

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