Changing the ‘Physics’ of the game is just cheating

Devs, for a long time, we could handle being matched with higher level AI bots for campaigns etc. Actually, it was frustrating at times, yet a challenge and fun.

This BS though where the AI’s now accrue power at stupidly increased rates and drop their Commanders in the first 10 secs of the game is just stupid. And it makes your players distrust you. Why? Because you are CHEATING!

If you’re going to be whining cheaters, at least do it honestly by versing us with higher level units so if we still kick your AI asses, it’s an honest win of strategy. Don’t do this whole ‘change the rules’ shit with power acquisition. It’s insulting and pathetic.



From the start, the campaign has always “broken the rules” for the boss missions.

Compared to bosses found on Ares planet, increased energy is a relatively small rule change (do you remember the one where you play as Kuro and your deck is 20x blast cards to defend yourself? Or when psycho Sam blows up every troop past the midline? Or you have to play as Roxie with only Seeker Missile cards to fight drone swarms?)

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I don’t remember any of those were they added in the updates?

As a reminder, here’s a screenshot of the mission where Roxie defends herself using Seeker Missiles. I believe this was World 1 - Region 5 - Zone 2. This mission was in the game since September 2018 and was actually just removed from the game a week ago in v2.60.


Here’s a screenshot of Kuro defending himself in the “Strength in Numbers” mission. This used to be found in World 1 - Region 1 - Zone 2, but recently got changed in v2.60 to World 1 - Region 1 - Zone 4

There’s all sorts of bosses breaking the rules in the campaign. e.g., Nash has to fight against an Ascension commander named Pipa who has multiple defense barriers in each lane. Or a Rogue bot factory that generates walking “Spider bomb” bots every 15 seconds.

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This is ok to have boss abilities. However, with the current structure of the campaign, in order to progress, I am forced to upgrade all my other factions. Basically, you are forcing me to use other factions, if I want to earn coins. I don’t think forcing players to play with specific factions and units is anything super entertaining. To a degree, its fun when you do such thing in events, yet Im not a big fan of having 8 pre selected units at all.
Bottom line, its not fun force playing with other factions and units.

P.s. In fact it will be a great idea if you let us build our deck from a mixed set of all owned units in campaign.

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@S7campusLifer - you’re missing the point. Again. There’s no integrity in a game that just changes the rules in order to frustrate players into spending bucks. Just make your bots higher levels if you want the matches to be more challenging. At least if you win against them, you’ve got a hard-earned win against a stronger opponent. This random cheating makes everyone distrust the game.

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Oh @S7campusLifer went on an obsessive thread closing spree again. Since the thread about 5-10 was closed and we are only allowed to talk about campaign in this thread anyone have tips to beat 5-10 with mediocre unit levels?


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I’ll start by saying that personally I haven’t had a problem with the campaign, once I had to tweak my deck and I’ve lost a few but not until more than halfway through world 6. I hadn’t tried to rush through them. Of course I am a fairly endgame player so take that for what it’s worth.

I’m just going to point out that you just closed about 10 different threads on issues in the campaign mostly for people at the level of the campaign and you tied a fair amount of earned coin to progress in the campaign. The sheer number of posts should tell you something is off. You pointed out changing the rules with all missile boards and different bosses with unique abilities. Those don’t annoy people nearly as much as a normal boss, normal deck, that just breaks the rules. Those are more in line with unusual challenges, but when you see Nash you expect him to act like Nash, etc. I don’t understand why you can’t see that.


Yep, an interesting marketing strategy. Don’t like the comments outlining the issues of the game? Close the thread. It’s much easier than admitting there’s a problem…:man_facepalming:

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Thanks for the feedback. Given these notes, we plan to make the bosses on planets 4-6 look visually more different from normal fights.

In the past, when I have replied to duplicate threads with the same feedback without closing them, I end up having unsustainable parallel conversations in many threads at the same time.

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I find your response disingenuous. I’m very clearly talking about the Campaign - not just the Boss Battles. Yes, BBs always had a little extra spice in them to up the challenge factor. But in general, if you were playing a level x bot, you wear playing on a level playing field.

Another ‘nothing’ answer.


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