Changes to the events

So far, I don’t see a difference in the brackets at all. In fact, I’m still grouped with people that spend a lot of money and get top five every single event. My bracket hasn’t changed at all.

Guys the events really aren’t fun anymore. I know this has been brought up multiple times, but the ticket refresh cost makes it absolutely impossible to be competitive. It’s beyond frustrating. The way it used to be, with a cap on the diamonds, you could at least make it into the top five. Now, the system really does cater to people with a lot of money, even if that’s not your intention.

I feel like the ticket refresh cost needs to be top priority when it comes to the events. There’s been a few suggestions floating around as to how to fix this, but to make the events truly competitive, the option to refresh with diamonds needs to be completely done away with. If you really want the events to reflect a players skill and not the size of their bank account this seems like the only logical solution. I’m tired of seeing the same person in my bracket get first every single event simply because he spends the most money.

I’m trying to remain positive and have constructive suggestions, but it’s difficult when the favorite mode of the game gets destroyed, and there’s no fair competition left. There has to be a solution to this. Of course you can’t make everyone happy, but we’re all pretty frustrated with how the events are being handled.

While we’re on the subject, I don’t think being forced to play four of a certain card each event is going to work. It takes up 4 slots in our decks, and with this event especially, the chosen card is horrible. If I can make a suggestion: if we’re going to have featured cards in our decks, please don’t have them take any slots at all in our decks. Kind of like the unstable warp event, but in this case have them show up in our hand while in play. But when building our decks, they shouldn’t take up any space.

I know you guys are trying, and are being bombarded with a bunch of negativity and unhappy customers, I think we’re just frustrated because we believe in your game. But in order for it to be successful and continue on for years, the (what we view as) greediness needs to stop please.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Hi @PHNEWALLETKEYS. I’m looking at your leaderboard right now. You’re currently #19, very respectable for one of the most competitive event leaderboards in the game. For the past two events, the player named Sunsets was the top winner of this leaderboard. Currently, Sunsets is at #24 as I type this. Although I bet Sunsets will change that after reading this though :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll see how well I do this event. Like mentioned above, it’s a lot more difficult being forced to place cards in my deck that I don’t really want. And since its a forced 4-copies, I almost have to try and build my deck entirely around it now.

On a side note though, can you tell or message me what bracket I’m in? Since there’s supposed to be a 50/75/100/200 bracket now.

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I would be ok with being #19 if I had ever won first place. I have come close, but that was before the increase in cost. Sunsets is very competitive and does an amazing job, but that’s not who I’m talking about. I would be happy to talk to you privately about my concerns, as I don’t like name dropping unless it’s something serious.

The bracket I’m in is very competitive, but not in a skill way. Most of the people (excluding Sunsets) drop a ton of money on the events and that’s where my problem lies. The point I’m trying to make, in my bracket, unless you can afford to be competitive, there’s absolutely no way to get first. I’m battling to place with people that spend hundreds of dollars each event, and that is what’s not fair to me. Like I’ve said before, before there was a cap on the diamonds, I had a chance. That’s no longer a possibility.

A suggestion (although I’m not sure if it’s realistic) is to group the people together that consistently place in the top five every event in their own rotating bracket, so they can compete against other players that spend a lot. That way the rest of us have a chance every once in a while. As long as these whales are competing against regular people, there’s no chance at the rewards we feel we deserve.

Also, can you please address the issue Sunsets and I have both mentioned about the featured cards? Thank you

How does event matchmaking works right now? Is it finalized? It feels really unfair to me. I have one unit 15 lvl and 11 lvl for all others, including heroes, but game constantly keep pushing me against 15+ deck players.

As I understand it the brackets are now determined somehow with overall cards status or such. All I know is my bracket is full of many top players in the game and at least for this event my levels for most of the cards allowed are low as anything. I have 1 level 16 and it drops fast from there. This is the worst I’ve done in an event in quite a while as I can’t be competitive in most of the matches I have been up against.


I’m not sure we can ever really build a system that guarantees that everyone gets a turn to be #1. I guess we could chop the leaderboard you’re sitting in such that it ended at #15 so you’d be close to #1 in the next one down – but that’s sorta arbitrary and weird and sorta just shifts the problem around. It just does the same thing to someone else. The person a few slots down from you on this new leaderboard would be the one having the same complaint about their position in relation to you; “this PhoneWalletKeys person is always sitting at #1 in my leaderboard and I’m always stuck behind them”.

What we’ve done is make sure the rewards make it such that you’re being rewarded appropriately for being on the tougher leaderboard. There should no longer be an advantage going down an easier leaderboard. If we arbitrarily cut the leaderboard so that you could win on the lower one, in the current system you’d probably get smaller rewards down on that leaderboard even if you were closer to the top of it.

What I mean is people that have placed in, say, the top two more than once, get placed in a different bracket for the next couple events to clear up the leaderboard for free playing people to win. It would be a rotating bracket. They higher ranking players would have to compete against each other for a couple events for first, and then be moved back. And then repeat with the next set of players.

Or, even better, put the ticket refresh cost back to what it was.

This is the first time I am writing in this forum. I see most people are complaining about the wrong matching with higher rank players in the event. I found something that is not right with matching a players with lower rank players and getting lesser points as well.
Example : If I lost a match and then the next match I am place with lower rank players then I get lesser points for winning. This is obviously a waste of my tickets for the event. We buy each set which only has 4 tickets.
So basically a person who has won 20 matches can have more event points than a player who has won the same or more matches just because they have higher winning streak. I had won 3 matches in a row and I believe against lower rank players and 2 of the winnings were 15 points each and one 20 points. I know winning streak is part of the game but sometimes you will meet a player with all level 17 units and it is almost impossible to win and you lose your streak. In my group it is impossible to beat some players. I hope you understand what I am trying to point out as English is not my first language.
Thanks for reading.

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I think a flat win increase no matter the strength and prioritizing a good match, rather than closing any skill gap with an over powered opponent to ensure they lose.

Here I am again, in the same bracket with whales. People who spend hundreds of dollars each event, and have placed first multiple times. I would like to get first sometime too, and despite having the same skills as everyone else and getting more wins than losses, I still can’t place first unless I spend a lot of money. That. Is. Not. Fair. Fix the darn brackets. It is absolute crap that free to minimal spenders don’t have a shot whatsoever in these stupid events. I don’t understand why you guys can’t make this fair.


My understanding is that you’re legitimately a “top player”. If we were to push you down to a lower bracket, there would be no one to push up above you to take your place.

I’m not sure what to change we could really make aside from make the top leaderboard only have ~8 people on it? That that case, if we were to cut the leaderboard at 8, or somehow push you don’t a bracket, it would just shift the problem around. Maybe you’d enjoy hitting #1 on that easier leaderboard, but there would be 50 people below you on that easier leaderboard who legitimately would say “That PhoneWalletKeys person is way ahead of all of us and we have no chance”

I hope that at some point in the future we’ll have many many more players to fill in the ranks such that there is better granularity between players, and each person can be on a leaderboard where they feel like they have a competitive chance.

Taking a step back, even if we did push you down to a lower leaderboard, I don’t think you’d like the result. My understanding is that you are getting better rewards if you decently well on the leaderboard you’re currently in than to go down to an easier leaderboard and get #1 there.

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Yeah, the top of most games are where the whales lie. They won’t be at the bottom, that’d be redundant and even if they were they would shoot up fairly quickly if they send as much as what phone is talking about. It’s less of a dev problem and more just something that happens at the pinnacle level of games with a pay option

Also thank you guys for increasing the event rewards, or placing me in a higher bracket? Either way the prizes are more fair now

Yeah, there’s always at least one lol also I’m not sure how I have the highest power level yet am two levels lower lol

I may be level 27, but I don’t think I’m a top player. My highest rank is D3, and that’s kinda where I seem to stay. I’m just saying it’s so frustrating that the same people get first every event because they spend the most.

This is what I call frustrating. I’m either getting level 17s or winning and getting this…

talk about wasting my money on a refresh

Could we please get an answer to why those wins were giving 5 medals to Trey7… I just want a better grasp of the system because I thought I understood it fairly well til this.

The reason why the change was made to minimum points is outlined above.

I must of been replying to the wrong thing, I read trey saying the wins over players who’ve made it previously in regular rankings, to challenge/campion, only giving minimum medals… (or maybe he didn’t say it but showed it via screenshots?)
I can’t say for certain because I hit the X when looking at the screenshots and closed forum… thought I came back to the correct one until saw it’s not here. (The screenshots I’m referring To)

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