Changes to Events Starting May 17, 2019

In response to your feedback on events, we’re making some changes to events. They are:

  • Event ticket refreshes cost fewer diamonds
  • Personal progression rewards will require a few more wins to earn
  • Minimum medal gains per win are lowering

We’re also giving a one-time grant of some win boosters to people who have a balance of win boosters that they accumulated under the previous system.

Here are the details.

Event Tickets

We’re reducing the amount of diamonds it costs to buy event ticket refreshes. They will be as follows:

  • 75 diamonds
  • 115 diamonds
  • 165 diamonds
  • 225 diamonds
  • 300 diamonds
  • 375 diamonds
  • …and then it goes up by 75 diamonds each time, capping at 2100 diamonds.

We hear that you’d like to be able to play more event battles without the price escalating massively. We’d still like to make sure there’s pressure to make the best of the event battles you play, so the prices will still escalate over time each day, but they won’t escalate as quickly as they did before.

Minimum Medal Gains

The minimum amount of medals you can gain for an event win is now 5. Losing an event game will earn you one medal.

We want our leaderboards to reward skill and collection power more than they reward pure paying for tickets. In order to maintain this while making tickets cost less, we need to reduce the minimum medal gain per ticket spent. We’re moving the minimum medal gain from the current 15 down to 5. Winning huge amounts of games against very weak opponents can still get you more medals, but it won’t get you as far as upgrading your units so that you can win games against more highly ranked opponents.

Progression Prizes

Because we’re reducing the price of event ticket refreshes, we’re increasing the amount of wins required to earn the top individual progression rewards. Things should remain the same for players who don’t buy extra event tickets, and people who pay for event tickets should be able to get to about the same rewards that they would have gotten before. The prizes will remain the same, but the amount of wins required will change as follows:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 14
  • 15
  • 18
  • 20
  • 23
  • 25
  • 27
  • 29 -> 30
  • 31 -> 35
  • 34 -> 40
  • 37 -> 45
  • 40 -> 50
  • 44 -> 58
  • 50 -> 66
  • 56 -> 74
  • 62 -> 82
  • 70 -> 90
  • 80 -> 100

Event Win Boosters

We know that some of you have purchased or otherwise accumulated win boosts under the previous system. We’re going to give out some win boosters for this transitional period based on your current balance to account for the new shift in personal prizing.


Thank you so much!!!

Thank you, these sound like good changes and I’m not offended at all that the rewards take more wins, that makes sense.

Changes sound awesome! Good stuff.

I think my only concern is with the minimum point gained reduction. A good portion of the opponents faced are often times boosted as your total event unit power rises into the upper tiers, meaning the game anticipates that your opponent would have less than a 40% chance of beating you otherwise.

In terms of points gained though, several of these “boosted” matchups still often times only yield the minimum possible for a win (for the player not being boosted), even after your opponents levels have been boosted to all 17s (which by design is intended to more or less even the scales for both players, and should therefore generate more than just the bare minimum for a win).

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Thank you for this changes. Can you please explain two things about new amount of tickets:

  • “Winning huge amounts of games against very weak opponents can still get you more medals, but it won’t get you as far…” Ok, so, for example, winning player bought 20 more tickets and won 10 times and he is ahead of next player by 50 points. Next player require 10 wins to catch up with leader. Before this update, it was 150 points leadership in same case. And next player still required 10 wins to catch up. So in terms of number of plays, nothing changed? Where am I wrong?
  • “We want our leaderboards to reward skill and collection power more than they reward pure paying for tickets.” As I heard in another topic, current event matchmaking system is pushing players to have close to 50% overall win rate. Isn’t this fact is blocker for any other attempts of reward skill?

Can we please have the regular event packs back please?

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This is a good example of your first point, I got five points for both of these wins

This is a good example of your second point image

“You are winning too much? don’t worry, we got You, we will keep your winning probability balanced in a FAIR way”
This proves that the 50-50 theory the dev told me about in my post is just “You are over 50% win ratio? Then we force you to lose badly”.
At this point I think I am done with this game, which is sad, because it had so much potential…


You should find the post S7CampusLifer just replied in saying this is actually intended to happen, it’s the only fair way they can matchmake :wink:

By the way, did you win that one? I’m dying from the suspense lol

Obviusly not :joy:
However I rushed his lower lane since he had only one card in hand at one point, I knew that If his Avasa came out I would’ve been done. I reduced his hq to like 2/3 but then he smashed all of my troops with his commander. However I beat a lv 14 and a lv 13 guys just before him, that’s why I found this match frustrating. I’m not the best player by any mean and I know I can’t win every game, but losing just because your opponent has overwhelming lv advantage is not what I call “fair”.

Yeah, I’m glad other players are talking about the increasingly difficult opponents in events because a league is literally supposed to be created to pair even leveled opponents but as we both have stated, you win a few and then they CRUSH you just out of some sadistic joy