Changes to cards is 2.4

  • Blademaster: Health +10%

No issue

  • Riot Cannon: Damage +10%

They are already tough enough, they eat through barricades like mad, and the fact that no one can obtain or improve them currently makes this a bad change.

  • K9: Now only leaps once (first target). Now only leaps to units that are long range or longer. Has +30% health. Has been scaled up visually to reflect the higher health.


  • Herald: Damage -35%

Not needed herald seems fine in its current state.

  • Suit Up: Max Health Bonus 50% → 33%; Armor Bonus -33%

Not sure, I would have said ok except legion is already having problems compared to ascension and this will make it worse. Legion is my second deck and I constantly lose to ascension now. Last PvP reset my ascension and legion bounced back and forth with who was in the lead. This PvP season I can’t get legion ahead and it’s 100% due to madness.

  • Reaper: Health -16%, Damage -19%

Similar to the suit up change, you are nerfing one of legions best cards when they are already having issues.

  • Enlist!: 2 → 3 Energy Cost


  • Madness: 5 → 6 Energy Cost

Now take this from an ascension player. Madness needs nerfing more than anything else and this doesn’t do it. The problem with madness is you cannot use strategy in a strategic game cause no matter what you do one madness clears the boards. How about suit up makes them immune to madness at least that would help legion if not rogue.

  • Hive Worm: Health +25%

Not sure it’s needed, Hive Worm is devastating when used right and high level.

  • Lightbringer: Damage +25%

Ok I guess, still too expensive,

  • Specter: Damage +11%


  • Goo Dog: Grandkids now have -30% of previous HP so that same level Alchemists will one-shot them.


  • Avasa’s mech is no longer targeted as a building (e.g., by Riot Cannon).

Good, does this also mean chuckle won’t attack it? What about things that only target fliers?


Pretty much agree with this analysis, especially regarding Madness (it’s still op btw). I think it’s a bit overboard to nerf suit up, but I could see why they’d play with the numbers for Reapers.


Aaaaand, we got a legion nerf. Ok. Let’s see how this ends up.

Agree except for k9, when I first joined k9 would instantly attack all long range units even if behind barricade,loved it. Then only once every 10 seconds, I understand why. only one? No, defeats k9 in my opinion, k9 is the light health who can withstand a archer shot and kill them, then go after the other archer right next to it after wards. The barrier will be over before the point of k9 is used. Just add drones to distract the long range and the barricade is out. Might as remove k9 with this update(please don’t, just make him useful)

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Okay, I’m gonna vent now.

So Madness is that card that absolutely counters the definitive strategy of the Legion. Spacing units out doesn’t work because they naturally will clump together, and doing so reduces your ability to push because Rally Point and Nash buff require units to be close to each other. The only real counters to it are to hope the opponent has them crammed on the bottom of his deck or use Suit Up and pray your men don’t cannibalize each other too quickly.

So to see that Suit Up is getting a decent nerf to its effectiveness while Madness is getting basically no nerf at all is even more infuriating. I feel like S7’s dev team just slapped me across the face. Between the grind of upgrading my units just so I don’t get steamrolled, a really silly ELO ranking system, seasonal units being a thing and getting tortured by Madness decks, seeing that the devs are doing next to nothing to the one card that is nearly unanimously despised is really cutting into my love for this game.

I’m at my wit’s end. It needs a nerf or it needs to be replaced. There’s no middle ground, it’s that overpowered.

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