Changes to Boss Blitz

This was unnecessary. I enjoyed seeing how far I could get solo. It allowed me to gauge my team progress against a static foe. Now I just don’t get it done. Waiting around for someone to jump in is wasting my time. I’m not interested in Alliance hopping just so I can do this. Boss Blitz and Gauntlet are two of the funnest aspects of the game, yet one is a now time sink of waiting for help and the other is locked behind a pay wall (or wait a week or two until you have enough tickets to play for free). Change the Boss Blitz back please, no one was asking for this change.

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I agree. Most people don’t play with others and waiting for your alliance member to join you takes too much time, unless you are in top 10 Alliance. It’s good to promote collaboration, but the brutal reality is that people are loners.

I can’t battle the boss now because nobody is ever on. Also most alliances aren’t active anyways. Please put it back to normal.

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I agree with this post. Helped build camaraderie with our Alliance. Anyone else agree?

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Nah, I’m in the 2nd ranked alliance and it still takes forever to wait for someone to join. It’s very frustrating.

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