Change to unowned featured cards?

If I’m not mistaken when events previously featured cards that you didn’t own it gave you those cards at a certain minimum level (I can’t recall if it was well known how that was determined). This event I don’t own either featured card, but I am required to play them at level 1. This means I have a deck with 8 level one cards that I cannot compensate for with my other card choices.

If this was intended, I think it is a rough position to put newer players in. One card is a legendary that has to be unlocked. The other is a middle level season card, but newer players are also players who are less likely to be in strong guilds that get lots of tokens, so have to be choosier in what they buy with those season tokens.

So please reconsider this - either in the form of changing how you approach featured cards in events or setting featured cards to the higher of either owned level or commander level perhaps.

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It was intended.

I brought this up as a bug as I couldn’t see the change being on purpose, but @S7campusLifer kindly copy/pasted a portion of the 2.50 patch notes that said it was an intended($£$£)change.

Yeah, it’s acceptable if they’re in the deck choices, but as a featured card it’s garbage.

This was announced here: Version 2.50 Release Notes

Missed that amid all of the other changes I suppose. I find it odd given that to date unlocked cards of those levels didn’t start at level 1, which i suppose is also new? And also when I was catapulted to level 75 you also changed which cards were awarded so I STILL didn’t get the legendary unlocks I would have.

I think I’ve felt pretty positive toward the update overall but I do feel particularly screwed over by these aspects. So again I’d suggest that if you are going to require leveling up legendaries from level one, at least only feature one per event,