Change to matchmaking

@S7CampusLifer @S7Dave
I can’t find it right now but in the last day or so one of you posted that some changes to the matchmaking were made to try and stop the low levels from coming up for high level players. Well congrats matchmaking is now back to what it was before the 2.5 changes and aim constantly coming up against opponents that seem designed to beat my deck now. So you had said since the change you had no complaints about matchmaking your single biggest complaint before well with whatever change just went in undid whatever good we had before so now there was no benefit whatsoever to 2.5.

Hi lyth.

Are you referring to multiplayer arenas, 2v2 or events?

We only made a change to multiplayer arenas —- we reduced the amount of “boosted” matches. If you’re winning less, it’s because you are interacting with a smaller segment of “boosted players” to punch downward upon.

The make up of the players I am seeing has completely changed. And I recognized most of the players previously so it doesn’t seem to be boosting less issue.

Which mode are you referring to? if it’s Multiplayer Arena, which arena are you referring to specifically?

We got a complaint that matchmaking was too easy for high level players. After doing research, it turned out the feedback was correct and we needed to do something. The context is in this thread: Daily multiplayer rewards