Catastrophic update fail

I really use to like this game, but this last update is HORRIBLE! You’ve all but ruined the game . Needing cards to scrap for a faction you like has all but destroyed any hope of donation in an alliance because people now need them to “scrap” for yet again another kind of currency…dust … lame! And the “deal” are you crazy?! What used to be a manageable but slow 500…2000…is now MILLIONS in gold with no way of gathering it except a outlandishly slow mine and impossible requests for what it takes to upgrade it with as few players there are in an alliance and even more so now with this “update” with players dropping off like flys . U want to make money? Keep your gamers feeling like they’re getting somewhere NOT like it’s impossible to get ANYWHERE ! Who’s idea was this anyways? I’d have to assume they are quitting soon and figured they burn the game to ashes just before they left . If you’re smart give people their stuff back and UN-do everything you just did .


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