Care to see explain this?

So, my Kuro is level 17, then during events it magically got reduced to being level 12. Please explain how that works?

Hi @Pandread

Oh man. I first heard of this bug last night but I guess it’s disturbingly more common than I had hoped. I’m super sorry this bug is effecting you and for sure I’m showing our events R&D team this post. Sorry!

We’ve never seen this bug ourselves. If you could provide information to help us track it down it would be very helpful. How many times have you seen it occur? Which game modes and in which contexts? Does it reproduce when you watch the replay? Can you please point us at a specific battle to look at?

Thank you for reporting this bug and thank you for supporting wild beyond.

This is why you guys should be focusing on the game rather than profit. Not trying to be negative, just with so many bugs it’s frustrating that everything is so expensive


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