Card unlocking broken?


Things like unlocked after upgrading 3 common cards to lvl 4 and rares to lvl 6 are not working for me. It’s extremely frustrating because I can’t even unlock the rogue faction despite getting up to silver 5 rank. I also can’t unlock key units that wreck me every game despite battling so many times.

Probably going to quit because of this… even though it was only 2 bucks I already regret buying the elite membership. This game is insanely p2w too with very little chance of winning if the other person knows what they are doing. Pretty disappointing because it seemed very fun at first. Oh well maybe mobile games aren’t for me.


@Shaydawg I think I may have a handle on what’s confusing here. Unlocking units means that they can now appear in the chests you earn through Multiplayer PvP (the higher your rank, the more stuff comes out of those chests). Until you actually draw those units from a chest, they will show up in your “Upgrades” as an outline or silhouette of the unit. It seems like the feedback I’m getting from this is that it’s not obvious enough that this is how unit unlocking works. I’ll make sure to let the team know so we can improve it in the future. If you have any more feedback, let us know!


No that’s not the issue. The issue is that in my upgrade screen the cards are showing as “locked” even though I have met the requirements. As in “ upgrade 4 common cards to lvl 4 when I have like 8 commons at lvl 5\6. And I am unable to get them from chests. Other cards like legendaries are “available” and have the outline you describe. This is a game breaking bug because I literally cannot unlock rogue or other better cards despite probably being in top 5-10% of playtime. All my unlocks are broken in the same way. Maybe it’s not a common bug because I see so many rogues but it’s absolutely game breaking to anyone who it happens to. It’s just $2 but I wish I could be refunded lol.


Sadly i must report the same bug. I can‘t unlock cards no matter what I try. I have fulfilled all the conditions but the card isn‘t unlocked.


Thank you for the detailed information, we are looking into the issue.


Hey guys, I’m the designer that made a lot of our quests and therefore the one who will hopefully fix them. @Shaydawg can you or anyone else with this issue let me know which common units you have at level 4 or higher? It might be that certain units aren’t counting for whatever reason and I’d like to get to the bottom of this so we can get it fixed ASAP.

Sorry you all ran into this and thanks for letting us know!

EDIT: Actually I think the confusion going on is that in the Upgrade Lab it says to get 4 common units at level 4, which y’all have, but you haven’t yet completed the quest to do that. As you complete the sequential Expand Your Army quests and the “Unlock the Rogue Faction” quest in your quest menu, you’ll gain access to those other units. And if you know what you need to do and have it all done by the time you get the quest, it’ll complete immediately so you can move on to the next one. This is great feedback too so we can upgrade those unlock directions in the Upgrade Lab to make them more clear.


Now I’m hoping it’s a bug lol… Do you know what the unlock rogue faction requirements are? 20 unique cards. Do you know what I can’t unlock due to your bug(?)? Another unique card (I’m 19/20) …unless of course you designed it so that to unlock all cards you need to buy a legendary. Which if that is the case I’m even more glad I’m quitting.


It should not require Legendaries to complete this quest. As you know, the unit unlock quest relies on collecting enough unique cards so that you can then collect the duplicates from chests needed to upgrade them. For some players, luck from opening the free chests from other quests gave them enough uniques to easily progress. For others, this was not the case, and this is unintended. We’re working on a Live Update in the next day or so that should reduce the requirements in the unlock quests in the meantime. We’re not finished though! We’ll be looking into more changes in the next app version later next month to try and make unit unlocks more consistent. Thanks for bearing with us!


Sorry but this bug is a gamebreaker. It doesn‘t help us if you lower the conditions because i cant unlock the card even if i fulfilled the conditions.


I agree with Holo. I can’t progress with this bug.



@Blackdrake Could you go into your Quests and check to see if the “Expand your Army” quest is claimed? That should unlock that slot for you. If not, let me know what you see.


The one card is unlocked now but all the other cards have still the same bug. Sorry to say but I‘ll give you one day more to fix it else I‘ll leave the game.


I think the confusion here is that the cards unlock when you finish the “expand your army” quest with the stated condition.

If you just satisfy the condition, but don’t have the quest, they don’t unlock.

Gotta do the quest.

That’s not communicated anywhere in game.


The confusion is coming from the fact that the “Expand Your Army” quest is the true unlock, but the requirements are highlighted in the Upgrade Lab without linking back to the main quest. This is on the docket of things to clarify in a coming update (may not make it into this year’s last major update though).

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