Card rewards for quest broken?/Ticket request button broken?



I have been trying to submit a ticket request via the website and I believe that the submit button is broken.

Nonetheless, I’ll be posting it here because I couldn’t get help over the past week.

“Hi wild beyond’s team,

Great game so far! Haven’t been holding back on the deals you guys dish out.

However, I’ve been experiencing problems with receiving the cards from the quest menu. (The one which allows players to select 1 out of 3 cards)

Lately I’ve selected the legendary plane card from the legion faction, as well as the ant queen from the rogue faction. However, it did not appear in my card list. Could it be that I’ve not met the requirement for using the cards (45 unique cards, etc.) and that is why my choice was void. It is very vague and buggy.

The card selection is also very vague as it doesn’t indicate which faction the cards belong to.

I’m a fan of your game, and hope to hear from you regarding the missing cards.

Best regards,

P.S I really hope to see this issue resolved and/or explained. Really tempted to buy gems, but I don’t want to do so in a broken game. All the best


Hi admins,

More Detective work has led me to find out that there are 2 different kinds of ‘card quests’.

One unlocks the cards. Allowing you to receive said cards from future chests

The other allows you to receive cards, choosing 1 of 3.

This was very confusing, and it was my mistake for misunderstanding.

However the ticket request button isn’t working. Please fix it!

Best regards

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