Card draw bug?

In the current event, I’ve noticed that 95% of the time I’m getting no tech 1 units at the beginning of the match. I’m playing Avasa, and I also don’t get any of her towers until towards the end. It seems like the norm is getting hit with nothing but tech three units at first, and I’ve noticed this happens every time I’m paired against members of a specific alliance. I’m still winning most matches, but this card draw is very frustrating. I’m really hoping this is a bug, as I’ve never seen it quite like this before

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They did mention in the patch notes that it was a known bug

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  • Problem where way more battles start with no Tech-1 units in the opening hand.

We currently consider this the worst bug in the most recent app release. We’re planning a small update to fix this bug along with a few other small issues.

Thank you. Do you have an ETA?

Unfortunately it’s not really possible to provide ETAs for app updates because there’s so much variance sending the update through apple’s app review team. Sometimes they accept the update in a couple of hours and sometimes they keep asking for revisions for over a week.

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Ok gotcha. I guess I was mainly wondering if the fix had been sent to Apple yet :heart:

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Hey, any word? I’m getting pretty frustrated. I’m playing Avasa in this event again and I am not getting a single tower or tech one unit until the end. And again, it’s happening every time I play HOD, and sometimes with other alliances. Why is this? Why does it seem to be alliance specific?

I’m literally ready to request a refund on my last purchase because I bought gems, spent them on tickets and the game is unplayable.

We finished coding the fix yesterday – it took my colleague about 15 minutes to code up a fix. But that isn’t the most variable part of getting an app update out to you. I’m sorry – I really can’t provide you an ETA – I’d be lying if I gave you one.

Well how about some recompense to the players for what it is costing us in extra gems for tickets etc and the frustration it is causing? I’m not usually one to ask for something like this I just want what I earn but I spent money to get gems to buy tickets to play the event and get 4 enlist, 3 nukes, and a tier 3 to start off. That’s an automatic loss and it’s not because I misbalanced my deck since 7 of the cards are the locked featured card.

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It was just finished yesterday? With all due respect, this has been a serious bug for a while, so I’m just having a hard time understanding why it took so long to just get the patch done and sent to Apple. @Lyth has a great suggestion: we need some sort of compensation please for dealing with this bug. I am losing battle after battle because of it, and I’ve spent quite a bit of money for diamonds. A lot of bugs we can deal with, but this one is affecting our resources. I suppose I just won’t be refreshing at all in this event.

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We will be issuing a credit shortly for the inconvenience caused by the mines blocking recruiting expeditions and initial hands being worse than intended (everyone is equally impacted by these, so it’s not so much a fairness issue as it is a fun issue … if that’s any silver lining :frowning:). You’ll see it in a popup message when the game opens later today (if you dismiss it too quickly and don’t read it, you’ll still get the credit).

A 2000 diamond gift has been issued to anyone who has played 30+ days and logs in in the next 7 days. I know this doesn’t make everything better, but I hope it goes a little way to helping ease the impact of the issues. Have fun out there!



This customer service is appreciated by all - a token of appreciation and understanding taken. Thank you.

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