Can't see event war scores

Since the new event when I click the forum button which had been showing event scores and then you could change over to the forums I now see a bluepish starry background instead of plain white but it’s blank, nothing about the event war no names no scores etc. I have no clue how anyone is doing.

I was able to view it okay when checking with your account. Could you share a screenshot for me?

I can’t post screen shots here for some reason, the button does nothing and I can’t drag photos in.

Sorry for the trouble. We have an improvement coming in the upcoming app update which will put the button in a better place and make it more robust. I don’t see any obvious issues that would stop you from accessing the page right now, unfortunately. Maybe a teammate can lend us a hand and share the details until we get the fix in?

Please send us a screenshot using the in- game zendesk support system (“contact us”)

I’ll do that, it’s just not super simple due to the way email on my tablet is set up.

It looks like you might be unable to view war scores because that screen may not load for older iOS versions (like 10.x). I recommend updating to the latest iOS version (12.x) – it has better security, and that should get the war screen to load for you too! In the future we might look into making that screen work with iOS 10, but since the vast majority of our player base is on newer, more secure releases of iOS I’m reluctant to invest too much time in the older iOS versions – sorry Lyth. So much to do, so little time. If updating doesn’t resolve your issue, please let us know!

I haven’t updated because I have an app I use for work which won’t work in the new iOS and never updated. I guess I will need to find a new app to use instead. I figured that might be the issue when I got a similar reply for the text issue I have.

@Lyth I have an extra testing iPhone i can mail you :stuck_out_tongue:

lol wouldn’t that be awesome

Fwiw, when I click to go to forums for the last couple of days, it goes straight to forums (no alliance war screen), but with a noticeably longer loading screen. I assumed it was because there wasn’t an active event, or because I changed alliances yesterday.

There is a new button in the event area itself called War that’s where it is now but some people are reporting it’s not working today.

I finally upgraded my iOS and it fixed this issue and the not seeing some names issue. Figured I should let you know.


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