Cannot connect to the battle with Nash


Hello. Unfortunately after update I cannot join to the multiplayer battle when I play with Nash. Any other commanders works well.

P.S. And I cannot attach the screenshot because your post form decide that it is very big (2MB). Seriously?


OK. Now I cannot connect to the any battle at all. :frowning:


Hi @P_P!

I’m sorry this is happening to you. I can’t say we’ve yet figured out what is wrong, but we’re actively looking into it and trying to figure out a fix.


It is very sad, because I bought elite account and cannot play your game :frowning:


Dear @P_P: I’m so sorry! For sure please contact our support team through the menu in the game. I believe they should help you with that.


@P_P We’re in the process of delivering v1.91, which is primarily to fix the connection issues that are affecting some players’ ability to connect to games. Expect to see it very soon.

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