“Cannot connect to server. Must have access to internet to play.”

So I just downloaded this game. Purchased 30 day elite. Was having a blast. Then realized I should be playing this on my ipad with the bigger screen rather than my phone. So I went to link the account to FB so I could restore on my ipad. As soon as I entered my FB login info, the game crashed, and ever since I cannot even boot up the game. It keeps telling me at the loading screen that I need internet to connect to the server. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Logging out and back in to Game Center. Restarting my iphone. Nothing works. I now have an in app purchase and cannot access the game. I cannot even submit a support ticket on Zendesk since it asks me for my support ID which I can only see if the game boots.

This happens to me… A LOT.
It happened occasionally on the iPhone 6 Plus (my first iPhone ever, and it was 1 model older
than, apparently EVERYONE from devs… to the repairman (who my phone committed suicide to because “those 6’s had a lot of internal issues. You shoulda had a 6s Plus!”)… would have liked me to have. I had no idea nor control. I traded my Samsung J7 to a friend, for a small chance to experience the rich & famous life all you Apple owners enjoy. I had cell service on the iPhone and used it to play more because I could play anywhere.

Then, I got my WIFi hooked up and acquired a new 5th gen and…

Just like you, #iFeltTheRainsDowniPadica and now, I love playing on the bigger screen. Except FOR ALL OF THE LAG AND CONNECTION ISSUES, it’s really my favorite way to play.

You probably have a better grip on this than I did, but when it tells me the message about no internet, I just pull my Command Center down, quickly, to ck it myself.

I’M ALWAYS STI’LL CONNECTED. You’ll find that some of the empathetic ones here on the forums are: “already looking into…”, or have… "…passed on to the team… ", or, the rare honest one “agrees with you but has to look into what the next step is, and will follow up.”.

The latter… The honest one… We’ll… we never hear from again.

Personally, I believe he or she had no idea “WHO’S RUNNIN’ THE SHOW AROUND HERE!” And, sadly, has taken their life in their own hands as they approached the office labeled “Herein Lies The Idea Dragon… Expect Magic!”. The signs, literally taped to the walls, get more positive as you get closer to… (Wait, was that dried blood on the sign that says “Hard Work Pays Off!”?) … Closer to the main office.

… I believe the “Idea Dragon” is actually Deebo, from the movie Friday. Not the actor who played him… The character itself.

I think once the newer employees who dare to take the journey to the Idea Dragon, form a party (based on survival skill levels, of course) and get in the office…

The door slams and other than the bloodcurdling screams of the brave and over zealous, all you can hear is “TOLD Y’ALL! …TOLD Y’ALL! BEAT HIM DOWN, BEAT YOU DOWN. WHO ELSE WANTS SOME? WHO ELSE WANTS SOME A’ DEEBO?!?”

But, they tried. Then their bodies and identities are assumed by the collective. They’re the ones that give you answers that are the opposite of anything helpful and, the text In the forums kinda “sounds” like they know it’s not going to help but it will take a lil while before you go… “Hey, Wait a minute!”

Now, the things I told you… there maaaaay be a chance that there’s a few tiiiny holes in these theories. But, if my mom and ex-wife have taught me anything, its that if you say ANYTHING enough it sounds more and more like the truth, even if it not remotely close.

So, now that we’ve had a few laughs ( I meant all of it… Run!)… Haha shhh, here’s where I attempt to be part of the solution, not the problem:

1). In my experience with this problem, when it keeps saying you need Internet, screen record it. Screenshot ALL problems you have, in case you need to send the folks here something to help them resolve your issue. or… For a class action law suit… Or just memories.

But, once I know it’s not on my end, I will open a browser to prove to myself whether I was guessing right or wrong. Just use the internet (that you had just fine until you had 2 players with way higher decks and sheer volume of battle experience more than you, unleash 7 - 10 units each (with no power plants built) and the whole Murder-Death/Kill wedding party is careening toward you… At only 35 sec on s into the match. Besides, either way you’ll need to bail on that server connection anyway,

Then just turn the wifi off and back on anyway and log back in. I can be 90% sure the restart alone will do it, because if I don’t off/on the wifi, it usually “fixes itself”… As if by magic, but it doesn’t hurt and maybe cleans out something, somewhere… In a small village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogogoch. I think it mainly affects Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogogoch bc of the beautiful architecture and majestic landscape that you only see on the Isle of Anglesey this time of year. I mean 3,107 people in a cozy little “local government community” see the value of a little “cleaning out” whenever the ‘old guy’ from 4,364 miles away remembers to do it.

2). Good luck getting a respond on your request. I was locked out of my game account (because they just updated the game [that afternoon] and WHEN THEY DO THAT, then you cant log in again until you update, Which I couldn’t do bc Apple started an investigation for me and I couldn’t download anything. Plus, I’m the leader of a little struggling alliance… So you know they could’ve used a bhand on tourney night. and I couldn’t get a response. … At all. Still,

It’s a great game, very enjoyable, however, if you go into it thinking, that you spending money gets you clout that you might be able to use when something matters to you, you’ll be disappointed.

Hope to see you around!

@jmznoh You can submit a support ticket to us at wildbeyond.zendesk.com. Be sure to include at least your in-game name so we can locate your game. Your Support ID can be found outside of the game by tapping on iOS Settings > scroll down to Wild Beyond > Support Information > Support ID. Since reinstalling didn’t work, we could try dissociating your Facebook account with the device so you can try re-linking. Hope to hear from you soon!

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