Can you please reduce the level of boosted players? Seriously!

Devs or Staff,
Would you take it seriously to reduce the level of cards that the boosted players have to match my card level??? It’s a lot of frustration to lose to the boosted ones with all deck lvl 17. I wouldn’t complain anything if I lost to actual players with high lvl cards or the boosted with equal cards. But the matchmaking kept feeding me with the boosted with the maxed out deck which made me feel my money was spent for nothing. PLEASE stop jeopardizing the basis of fairness, especially in the event when ppl spend diamond on refresh.


This keeps getting brought up and essentially ignored lol

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It’s because the programmers have absolutely no idea what they are doing. I’m constantly going against players 2 to 3 levels above me. This is a guaranteed loss. And with the nerfing of coins there is no way to upgrade units except grind grind grind for a week just to level 1 unit. It’s sad and also a guarantee this game won’t last long.

Right? I’ve lost count how many times we’ve expressed our frustration with this just to be ignored

On the contrary, they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s likely done intentionally to increase cost and increase your expenditure. This is hardly some random mistake.

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Yes but it’s overall had the opposite affect, while I just spent a bit at the end of the season for the new packages that WERE WORTH MORE I haven’t bought an event package since they decreased their value and probably never will again. I keep suggesting a reasonable way to add in some Season 1 during Season 2 in a way that will give me a reason to want to spend on the game (as long as they make the cost to payout ratio reasonable) that I won’t have otherwise. My suggestion has been completely ignored, not even an acknowledgement. We get a lot of lip service here at times but the actual changes that get made based on what we say is slim to none. It’s the same formula I have seen again and again in other mobile games, start out reasonable, then make hugely unpopular decisions and piss off your paying player base. Notice I’m not playing those games anymore. I was hoping this game was going to be different and I am still hoping for that but they keep ignoring us.

  1. The value of the purchased packages
  2. Already not enough coin rewards in the game and it got cut
  3. Bots, boosting, and balance
  4. Uselessness of extra cards and alliance tokens
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I haven’t purchased an event package since the change either, and the whole “spreadsheet” excuse is what really pissed me off.

You would think, if they actually valued their players and expected the game to continue, they would listen to us high ranked players. If we start bouncing at a faster pace, all they’re going to have is new players, and they’re also figuring out quickly that the team cares more about money.

At this point, it’s obvious that they’re purposely ignoring us. A specific employee has stated numerous times that the way to report issues is zendesk, which is a crock of you know what. None of us like zendesk, and we’ve made that clear. They know we prefer to post on here, but they use it as an excuse to ignore us and not address problems. Posting on here gives us backup from other players as well.

Zen desk is for putting in a ticket to correct something like you didn’t get tokens. This is for suggestions and discussion.

v2.30 has released a change which should restrict the incidence of “boosting” happening for players with 16-17 cards. As expected, many players are now waiting 15-20 minutes to find matches. We are discussing how to proceed.

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