Can you please fix the Guerilla Toss Campain mission finnally

The misson has been broken for at least a month and I cant progress the campaign. There is no deck that can beat a lvl 14 Guerrilla with back up right out of the gate.

I soloed it after playing for nine days. It’s day twelve and I’m on the third planet

The fix for this is slated for v2.20––sorry for the wait! It was a problem that we couldn’t fix with a live update.

@Trey7 Good for you. Your campaign obviously isn’t broken. You want a medal.

Nah, I just finished the campaign so I got a collosal chest, I don’t know why I’d want a medal :medal_sports:

Ooh big flex. Your game works. Bet you feel real proud of yourself.

Lol I wasn’t even trying to “brag” at first :joy: now I’m just going along, my point was I didn’t know it was broken