Can You Not Change the Game So Often?


It seemed to me that you change the game rules (eg overtime) and character/unit abilitiy parameters (eg Generator speed) like every week. People need time to get familiar with rules and capabilities to develop tragedies and get good at the game. Changing the rules get me feel I’m being lied to. You need to stick with a set of firm rules so people know how to follow and play the game. You don’t see people change how many squares a Chess Queen can move every week, and millions so people still play chess today. Please stick to a set of predefined rules so the users don’t get frustrated getting used to new capabilities and developing new strategies every time we log onto the game. The annoying Windows and iOS don’t even update their stuff thaw at often (not to mention most of the time we don’t have to change our using habits).


Just so you know, you’re comparing two completely different genres of games that don’t share inherent similarities. Chess is a well-established board game, thats been around for literal ages. The rule sets for a game like that don’t need to change significantly now, as its already been through iterations and adjustments over the years to produce the game we now see. Wild Beyond on the other hand is a recently released real-time online strategy game, and without more constant changes and adjustments the game will quickly grow stale.

Look at almost any successful online game today, and what’s one thing you notice? Constant balance changes, updates and adjustments. It’s an integral and crucial part of just about any current top online game.


I probably don’t play enough games, so it is not for me to comment what constitutes to a successful game. However, constantly “rebalancing” get me confused why a strategy used to but no longer works, and why I have adjust to new rules every single week. Imagine the traffic department changes the traffic laws every week and you’ll have to update your license. If you don’t feel my frustration, maybe I’m not for this game.

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