Can you fix the problematic ranking mechanism?

First off, my alliance members and I had been troubled by this outrageously unfair medal rewarding mechanism for days. 1. When I play my challenger fraction, I lost 20+ pts to my champion opponent. Is this even reasonable and fair? 2. After playing against the same pair of players, a win granted 4~5 pts but a loss took 25 pts off of us. A loss that 4 or 5 wins can make up to. This is way far from a valid reward/punishment.

Please see to this matter as the rage is spreading fast!

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This does seem weird. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Since the monthly season shipment and rank reset just happened, I think we have some breathing room before this is an issue again.

S7Dave, this issue has been brought up before.


After some digging, I think it’s an artifact of how the elo skill rating system works. When you’re at the pinnacle of the game, you’re better than most players, and the game knows it. It tries to give you the hardest opponents it can find, but in reality there are few players who can give you a good run for your money. This means top players are winning most of their matches – but they’re also not exactly the hardest matches (not equal strength on both sides) so winning gives less (you were expected to win) and losing hurts more (you weren’t expected to lose). It’s a bit like odds in a horse race – the strongest horses are most likely to win, but don’t have amazing payouts because when they win it isn’t a surprise.

Though that’s probably why this occurs, it doesn’t mean it feels good and we’re definitely not happy about that. The ideal solution would be to only offer tough matchups for the strongest players, but sometimes it is hard to find such a matchup because the number of players at that level are relatively few (like a pyramid). Boosting cards helps some at lower levels, but at the highest levels of the game boosting is harder as there are fewer opportunities to boost to create a compelling, even-keeled match.

I don’t think there’s an obvious (and fair) change to improve this yet.

S7Dave, that is not the problem. The difference among players in the top 100 is often about who you can partner with and how often you can play with a few people who just have all level 17s thrown in there. We all play each other and we all win and lose. The problem is we play another group equally ranked or even better ranked and win and we get 4 or 5 medals but we play the same group and lose and we lose 25 medals. You might think when at the top we get all easy fights because everyone is lower but because the population is relatively low we frequently play the same players over and over again 4 or 5 games in a row against the same opponents is common, if you are equal rank and each of you win 2 games and lose 2 games we all come out behind by 30-40 medals. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

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Could you point me to a set of matches I could look at? I want to investigate and check out exactly why this is happening – the behavior you’re describing doesn’t match what I’d expect.

I can’t now because the rankings reset and everyone is playing everyone. It won’t be something I can point to until the champion ranks are reestablished.

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