Can we purchase the season skins?

Apparently some people have got their newly introduced units to a high level at limited season coins obtainable from events, so I’m guess they have leveraged their economics. How come I see nowhere I can buy the stuff? What if I just want the skins and not all the upgrades to my new units? Is it possible?

The seasonal skins are available through the bottom right tab on the main screen “Seasons - Time Warp”. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to just obtain the skins outright for your units without first purchasing the lower-tiered seasonal rewards. While you aren’t forced to actually upgrade your new units to obtain them, you will be required to at least make the seasonal purchases with tokens. Note: You can find these skins by looking for what appears to be a picture with a silver border (The first “rare” skin reward can be found in the 15th reward slot).

If you’re looking for a skin for your commander, these are currently not available through seasonal rewards. These are exclusive and can only be unlocked by first purchasing the “Legendary” key for a specific faction (This is found underneath the epic rewards for the faction of your choice).

Legendary skins and units are scheduled to be released sometime in April.

How do I buy the tokens for Time Warp season?

You can currenly receive them from chests purchased in the store, through rewards for weekly events, or in small amounts as prizes in Gauntlet.

I couldn’t find any purchasable chests saying they contain the time-warp tokens - could you kindly suggest which ones they are, and how many tokens do I get in one chest?

While it doesn’t say so on the label, I can guarantee that they are now received from each purchasable chest in the store. (However, I would personally not recommend purchasing chests just for the tokens).

There are fixed ranges when it comes to how many tokens you can receive in each type of chest. I cannot provide you with what this range is, but what I can do is tell you how many I received from my last chest of each type.

Big Chest: 50 tokens received
Massive Chest: 160 tokens received
Colossal Chest (event only): 800 tokens received

If you want the best bang for your buck, I would recommend participating in the events for rewards.

Thank you so much for the detailed info! It does seem not quite worthy to buy the chests just for the tokens, for I make more tokens by participating in the events. However I barely get my new units to level 10 with the tokens I earned from the events, some people have gotten those units to level 11-14s. My winning rate in the events should not be too off from them, are you suggesting these people spent a fortune to upgrade their time-warp units?

I’ve actually just calculated my chance of getting the skins I want by just participating in the season events. Not gonna happen at my current level, no. Not even if I spend like a month’s salary buying the chests. However I still want the skin so my units look cooler. This is a time when the client doesn’t mind paying a little fiat money to get an utility. Will the team consider unbundle the skin with the entire season thing and just let people have the option to purchase the skin as a stand-alone product?

Players with maxed seasonal units right now most likely spent to achieve that goal. Be that to recycle tickets for event wins, or just for the chests/tokens.

As to your second question, you are always welcome to make the suggestion here on the forums. However, just being completely honest with you, I find it unlikely that the team will unbundle skins from the seasonal rewards anytime soon (if ever).

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